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Richa Sharma, MD
Richa Sharma, MD

Richa Sharma, MD

Instructor, St. Jude Faculty



MS - Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
MD - Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
Residency (Pediatrics) - Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Clinical Fellowship (Hematology-Oncology) - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Honors and Awards 

  • 2021  NIH LRP
  • 2021  ASH RTAF award
  • 2012  HHMI Medical Fellow award

Research Interests

  • Telomere biology disorders
  • Pediatric DNA repair disorders

Selected Publications

Sharma R, Sahoo SS, Honda M, Granger SL, Goodings C, Sanchez L, Künstner A, Busch H, Beier F, Pruett-Miller SM, Valentine M, Fernandez AG, Chang T-C, Géli V, Churikov D, Hirschi S, Paster VB, Boerries M, Lauten M, Kelaidi C, Wlodarski MW, Cooper MA, Nicholas SK, Rosenfeld JA, Polychronopoulou S, Kennengiesser C, Saintome C, Niemeyer CM, Revy P, Wold MS, Spies M, Erlacher M, Coulon S, Wlodarski MW. Gain-of-Function Mutations in RPA1 Cause a Syndrome with Short Telomeres and Somatic Genetic Rescue. Blood Nov 12;blood.2021011980, 2021. PMID: 34767620. doi: 10.1182/blood.2021011980

Edwards DM, Mitchell DK, Abdul-Sater Z, Chan K-K, Sun Z, Sheth A, He Y, Jiang L, Yuan J, Sharma R, Czader M, Chin P-J, Liu Y, de Cárcer G, Nalepa G, Broxmeyer HE, Clapp DW,* Sierra Potchanant EA.* Mitotic Errors Promote Genomic Instability and Leukemia in a Novel Mouse Model of Fanconi Anemia. Front Oncol Nov 5, 2021.

Chan K-K, Abdul-Sater Z, Sheth A, Mitchell DK, Sharma R, Edwards DM, He Y, Nalepa G, Rhodes SD, Clapp DW, Sierra Potchanant EA. SIK2 kinase synthetic lethality is driven by spindle assembly defects in FANCA-deficient cells. Molecular Oncology Jun 28, 2021.

Sharma R, Lewis S, Wlodarski M. DNA Repair Syndromes and Cancer: Insights Into Genetics and Phenotype Patterns. Front Pediatr October 23, 2020.

Zhou Y, He Y, Sharma R, Xing W, Estwick SA, Wu X, Rhodes SD, Xu M, Yang FC. Hyperactive RAS/PI3K/MAPK signaling cascade in migration and adhesion of Nf1-haploinusfficient mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16(6):12345-59, 2015.

Sharma R, Wu X, Rhodes SD, Chen S, He Y, Yuan J, Li J, Yang X, LI X, Jiang L, Kim ET, Stevenson DA, Viskochil D, Xu M, Yang FC. Hyperactive Ras/MAPK signaling is critical for tibial non-union fracture in neurofibromin deficient mice. Human Molecular Genetics 22(23):4818-4828, 2013.

Last update: November 2021