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Bev Trojan

Volunteer Spotlight

Bev Trojan, right, has been volunteering at St. Jude since 2009.

Bev Trojan, right, with patient Alexus. 

Bev Trojan has been volunteering at St. Jude since 2009. She began as a Child Life volunteer in the teen room and now volunteers as a tutor with the school program.

"I really enjoy being around adolescents, particularly at St. Jude," she said. "They're mature beyond their years. They readily accept each other and are eager to be friends. It's remarkable."

Bev has found ways to connect with many of the children. She remembers one child who talked a lot about college, and she helped him sort out his opportunities and make a good decision. She also related to a patient who was attending a camp in Big Sky Montana, because Bev spent many summers there.

Being a tutor is new to Bev, but she says, "I know I am a better person for going. It is a mental challenge tutoring middle school students when you don’t know which subject or topic you’ll be working on. I am definitely thinking when I’m there."

Bev has many interesting hobbies including traveling with her husband, tending to her garden, taking a class each semester at the University of Memphis, sailing their sailboat in Destin, Florida, and spending time with her five grandchildren.