About Us

Student and assistant dean walking in hall, talking

Our Mission

To fundamentally advance global health and to find cures for pediatric catastrophic diseases by enhancing education across disciplines and training future leaders and innovators, including researchers probing the molecular basis of disease and therapy, medical practitioners conducting clinical and translational research, and health professionals improving health care systems worldwide.

Our Values

Our Values provide the foundation for our work and actions. They guide our behavior and influence the way we work with each other as students, faculty, staff, and board members—and the way we engage with our external partners.

Excellence: Deliver outstanding and innovative student learning, experience, and career development, leading to academic and professional success.

Integrity: Promote an environment where academic endeavors thrive while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, honesty, and personal responsibility.

Respect: Value the unique environment of the Graduate School and the excellence and achievements of its students, faculty, and staff; be polite and kind to St. Jude patients, their families and each other always, and be a good steward of St. Jude’s state-of-the-art resources.

Collaboration: Foster an environment of partnership and effective communication among all Graduate School stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion: Embrace diversity and create an equitable and inclusive community that provides equal access to educational opportunities.

Freedom of Expression: Support a community of meaningful discussion, debate and dialogue, and an open exchange of ideas, even if unpopular, so that all voices are heard and considered.

Our Vision

A premier graduate school that promotes scholarship, innovation and discovery, and develops inspired graduates who become global and transformative leaders in basic and translational research, clinical research, or child health and health policy.