Rosdali Diaz Coronado, MD

photo of rosdali diaz coronado

Rosdali Diaz Coronado, MD, earned her medical degree in 2007 from Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo in Lambayeque, Peru. She also completed training in both Pediatrics (2012) and Pediatric Oncology (2014) from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru. She currently works as a pediatric oncologist at the National Cancer Institute (INEN), a public Tertiary Cancer Center that provides care to 65% of patients with childhood cancer in Peru. Her currents interests are quality improvement projects and CNS tumors.

She is the current Peruvian Delegate for the Latin American Society of Pediatric Oncology (SLAOP) and is also a member of the Steering Committee for Multicenter Pediatric Early Warning System – EVAT (PEWS) Working Group. Dr. Coronado has been involved in the St. Jude Global Academy in Neuro Oncology, which gave her the opportunity to belong to the recently created Global Alliance for Pediatric Neuro Oncology group. Under the mentorship of St Jude, this group has taken on the mission to bridge the gap in access to quality care and improve outcomes for children with CNS tumors globally.

“I am committed to helping children suffering from cancer in my country, especially for the ones with CNS tumors,” she says. “My efforts are focused on finding strategies to give access to the best possible treatment with compassion, love and integrity. I truly believe the Master of Global Health will provide me with the skills and knowledge to accomplish the St. Jude mission of finding cures and saving children everywhere.”


Pediatrics training -  Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru (2012 and 2014)

MD - Universidad Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo, Lambayeque, Peru (2007)


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