David Dachille

Understanding how each component of complex systems functions and their interactions is essential in making accurate predictions of outcomes. The biological applications of this principle, coupled with his personal connection to the field of immunology, have led David to further his education to learn how to best apply systems biology methods to solve novel immunological problems. 

David earned his bachelor's degree in 2020 from Virginia Tech, dual majoring in Systems Biology and Nanomedicine. During his time at Virginia Tech, David completed a thesis in the Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Josep Basssaganya-Reira, investigating the role of the epithelial cell in the context of C. diff infection by developing ODE models. David also completed multiple internships at Lynda Inc., a biotechnology company developing a long-acting oral drug delivery, and at Quentis Therapeutics, an ER stress-focused cancer immunotherapy company. 

After he graduated from Virginia Tech, David accepted a position at Dewpoint Therapeutics, a biotechnology company investigating the novel role of biomolecular condensates in human disease. He spent three years at Dewpoint, gaining diverse experience. He began as a member of the Discovery Biology team, designing novel assays to develop condensate disease hypotheses and screen compound libraries. He concluded as a Digital team member, applying machine learning methods to answer novel questions in the condensate space.  

Hometown: Saddle River, NJ