Erika Montalvo, MD

Dr. Erika Montalvo is a pediatric intensivist with 15 years of experience in the field of pediatric haemato-oncology critical care. Montalvo is a pediatric critical care consultant at Hospital de los Valles, head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Solca Hospital, and Professor of Pediatric Critical Care at Universidad Central del Ecuador and Universidad San Francisco de Quito all in Ecuador. She is also vice president of the Ecuadorian Pediatric Critical Care Society.

Montalvo’s early work was dedicated to working with pediatric patients and pregnant women which helped her realize the scope of the healthcare challenges that exist in Ecuador. Diagnosing and treating her first oncology patient was a transformative experience that led to her decision to become a pediatrician and later a pediatric intensivist for haemato-oncological patients.

Montalvo earned her medical degree from Universidad Central del Ecuador in 2004 and completed her fellowship in Pediatrics from Universidad Internacional del Ecuador in 2007. After working as a pediatrician in the field of onco-critical care for five years, she was honored with a Scholar Fellowship for Excellence, sponsored by the Ecuadorian Government and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The fellowship enabled her to continue her training due the lack of pediatric intensivists in Ecuador. 

Montalvo has previously worked with researchers from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through Proyecto EVAT, an effort to implement Pediatric Early Warning Systems as supportive care intervention in her hospital and other centers of South and Central America. Through the collaboration the researchers showed that PEWS improved quality of care measurements and Montalvo began to take part in international studies as an investigator.

Montalvo hopes that the Master’s in Global Child Health from St. Jude will help her set the standard for excellence in early diagnosis of critical deterioration across hospitals in Ecuador, providing early interventions and transport for critical care patients.

Hometown:  Quito, Ecuador


Pediatric Critical Care Degree – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (2016) 
Pediatrics Degree – Universidad Internacional del Ecuador (2009) 
Medical Degree – Universidad Central del Ecuador (2004) 


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