JaQuel Maise

JaQuel Maise was taught from a young age to pursue knowledge, and to help people with the knowledge that has been gained. She grew up with family members being involved with health care. She later gained an interest in chemistry, and she still had that passion to help people. This led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. 

Maise earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 2021 from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. At Tennessee State University, she was able to work as an undergraduate research assistant for four years. Maise joined the Meharry-Vanderbilt-Tennessee State Cancer Partnership program, which enabled her to go to translational research conferences centered around cancer.

Maise’s core interests stay the same. She wishes to help people with illness through research. She believes St. Jude is the perfect place to do just that. Her research interests include immunology and pharmaceutical sciences.

Hometown:  Antioch, Tennessee