Jocelyn Rivera, MD, MS

Jocelyn Rivera, MD

Dr. Rivera always dreamed about of becoming a physician, specifically in pediatrics. She thinks that children are both innocent and challenging as a physician. Currently, she has a special interest in the quality of care in the field of pediatrics.

Dr. Rivera earned her medical degree in 2008 from National University in Mexico.  She has a specialty in pediatrics and a subspecialty in pediatric emergencies.

Dr. Rivera currently works in Hospital Infantil Teleton de Oncologia where she is the head of the emergency department and the leader of the EVAT project and the Golden Hour project.

 “Since starting to practice in pediatric oncology care, I have been working in quality improvement in my hospital.  I hope to continue to demonstrate the importance of quality improvement and replicate my goals in this regard wherever it could be useful.  I have been working in global medicine in collaboration with St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital since 2016. I believe that there is so much more work to do with children’s health in the world and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this inspiring mission.”


MD - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México