Juan Pablo Rodriguez-Auad, MD

photo of Juan Pablo Rodriguez Auad

Juan Pablo Rodriguez-Auad is proud to be able to care for children, the most vulnerable population in his country, through medicine. Infectious disease is one of the most serious threats to the people in his home country of Bolivia.

Dr. Rodriguez-Auad earned his medical degree in 2004 from St. Andrew Major University in La Paz, Bolivia. After graduating, he went on to earn degrees in Pediatrics in 2008 and Pediatric Infectious Diseases in 2010 from Children’s Hospital of Mexico Federico Gomez in Mexico City, Mexico. He also earned a master’s in science degree with honors in 2011 from National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. During this time, he focused on studying dried blood spots to diagnose and detect resistance to HIV infections. Dr. Rodriguez-Auad completed the Infection Control Prevention course at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2014.

Dr. Rodriguez-Auad currently works at the Hospital del Niño Ovidio Aliaga Uria in La Paz, Bolivia where he serves as the head of the Infectious Diseases Unit and the Infection Control Committee and is responsible for managing the Pediatric Infectious Diseases residents. His interests include managing patients in the Infectology ward, as well as performing Infectology consultations in other wards. He is also responsible for surveilling and preventing hospital-acquired infections, caring for patients during outpatient consultations, and mentoring Pediatric Infectology residents.

I decided to enter the MS in Global Child Health to be an agent of change in my country, to deepen my leadership and communication skills in order to be able to improve the health conditions of my country and especially of children,” he says. “The mission of St. Jude Children´s Research Hospital to improve the health of children in all parts of the world is an admirable goal for clinicians across the world. The training at St. Jude is extraordinary since the teachers are very qualified and the ability to learn from colleagues across the globe and learn from them is wonderful.”


MSc - National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico (2011)

MD - St. Andrew Major University, La Paz, Bolivia (2004)


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