Revathi Rajagopal, MD, MMed

photo of Revathi Rajagopal

Dr. Revathi Rajagopal earned her medical degree in 2002 from the University of Science Malaysia. She completed her pediatrics training in 2010 and her pediatrics hematology and oncology training from University Malaya, Malaysia, in 2015.

She trained in pediatric neuro-oncology at University Malaya Medical Center, Malaysia and subsequently, she also spent time as an observer through the International Learners Program at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and the International Outreach Program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 2017, Dr. Rajagopal completed a neuro-oncology fellowship at Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Australia.

Dr. Rajagopal returned home and established a dedicated pediatric neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team at the University Malaya Medical Center. There she organized an awareness campaign for health care providers about delayed diagnosis of pediatrics central nervous system tumors. She also implemented changes in management of childhood central nervous system tumors and initiated a Malaysia-Singapore brain tumor board meeting. The monthly online meeting of international neuro-oncologist focuses on complex cases from the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Rajagopal currently works as a pediatric hematologist-oncologist at the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh, Malaysia.

She is the 2021-22 Malaysian Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology vice president and a member of the Asia Pacific Childhood Cancer Alliance.

Dr. Rajagopal has been involved in the St. Jude Global Academy in Neuro-Oncology, which allowed her to collaborate with the Global Alliance for Pediatric Neuro-Oncology group. Under the mentorship of St Jude, she has coordinated several initiatives to improve the outcomes for children in low- and middle-income countries with tumors of the central nervous system.

“I am a highly motivated and dedicated doctor as well as passionate about childhood cancer care in low- and middle-income countries,” she says. “I am focused on strategies to improve childhood cancer treatment and to increase awareness about childhood cancer among health care providers and the public. My goals are to provide the best possible treatment with compassion, integrity, respect, and equity. I believe the Master of Global Child Health program will provide me with the skills and knowledge to accomplish the St. Jude mission of finding cures and saving children everywhere.”

Hometown: Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


Pediatric Neuro-oncology Fellowship: Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Australia (2017)
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship: Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia (2016), University Malaya Medical Center, Malaysia (2012-2015)
Master of Pediatrics (MMED, Paeds): University Malaya, Malaysia (2006 and 2010)
Medical Degree (MD): University Science Malaysia, Malaysia (2002)

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