Sandra Castejón Ramirez, MD

Dr. Sandra Castejón-Ramirez was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and attended medical school at the University of Navarra where she fell in love with the study of Infectious Disease and Microbiology. After completing her medical training, she went on to study Medical Microbiology and Parasitology at the Clinic University of Navarra. Castejon-Ramirez earned Master’s degrees in Bioethics and HIV. She chose to focus her clinical research efforts on COVID-19 in the pediatric population. 

Castejón-Ramirez has been involved in volunteer efforts first as a student, and as a clinician, in Sierra Leone since 2012. This experience sparked her interest in global health and HIV. Her primary research interests center on infection complications in immunocompromised hosts, particularly bone marrow transplant recipients. 

Outside of the hospital, she enjoys traveling, reading poetry, cooking, and playing the guitar and ukelele with her husband. 

MS, Bioethics
– University Hospital Miguel Servet
MS, HIV – University Hospital Miguel Servet
Medical Microbiology and Parasitology Training – Clinic University of Navarra
MD – University of Navarra

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