Hannah Snoke

Hannah Snoke fuels her motivation to learn more about antimicrobial inhibitors by working through challenges and continually striving toward her goals. Upon entering her first year of college, she learned about the difficulties of troubleshooting underlying issues of experiments and how difficult it can be to treat infectious diseases, but this has not stopped her from pursuing this area of study. After discovering her passion for the field of antibiotic resistance, she wanted to spend more time learning about multidrug-resistant pathogens.  

Snoke earned her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology in 2021 from Pennsylvania State University in State College. At the end of her freshman year, she joined a laboratory and conducted research on antibiotic resistance. She also had the opportunity to teach undergraduate students in a laboratory course, which reinforced her interest in teaching. To challenge herself, she joined the Department of Investigational Biology at the Merck Exploratory Science Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts for a microbiology and immunology Co-Op during the spring of her junior year.  

“My previous research experiences have enabled me to develop as a scientist, helped me become more confident in my ability to conduct independent research and strengthened my commitment to this challenge,” says Snoke. “I am eager for the opportunity to enhance my research skills and further develop my career at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”  

Hometown: Allentown, PA