Ana Vazquez-Pagan

While in college, Ana Vazquez-Pagan lost her grandmother to Alzheimer's disease and lost a college friend to diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). These experiences inspired her to better understand medical mysteries.

Vazquez-Pagan earned her bachelor’s degree in biology in 2018 from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She is interested in studying influenza pathogenesis.

Vazquez-Pagan is currently working in the lab of Stacey Shultz-Cherry, PhD, Infectious Diseases.

"Through every step of my research career, I have been working to gain more knowledge and understanding of what is currently being done, what needs to be done in the future and how can I help further those goals,” she says. “I want to help prevent the hardships caused by disease in its many forms.”

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico


  • Henley RY, Vazquez-Pagan AG, Johnson M, Kanavarioti A, Wanunu M. Osmium-Based Pyrimidine Contrast Tags for Enhanced Nanopore-Based DNA Base Discrimination. PLoS ONE 10(12): e0142155, 2015.