Liliana Vasquez Ponce, MD, MS

Liliana Vasquez Ponce, MD

Dr. Vasquez graduated from medical school in 2006 from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima, Peru and from pediatric oncology training in 2012 from Universidad San Martin de Porres in Lima, Peru. She graduated in 2018 with a Master of Medical Research from Universidad San Martin de Porres and Clinical Research (PPCR) from Harvard Medical School.

She currently works as a national consultant for the Global Initiative of Childhood Cancer at PAHO Peru.

Additionally, she works as a principal investigator in the Precision Medicine Center of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad de San Martin de Porres and as a coordinator of childhood cancer projects in Peru - MINSA / OMS / St. Jude since 2018.

She is currently the Vice President of the Latin American Society of Pediatric Oncology (SLAOP) and is board member of the SIOP Young Investigators of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP).

She has been awarded the Carolina Foundation Award in 2011, SIOP Young Investigator Award in 2015, SLAOP Free Paper Award in 2014, 2015 and 2019, the ASCO-Conquer Cancer Global Oncology Award in 2017, and the My Child Matters Award in 2019.


MD - National University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru


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