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Remote Access

Technology resources and services to keep you connected to St. Jude while working off campus

St. Jude Information Services provides these tools to enable remote access to important applications and services. For assistance with access, please contact the IS Service Desk using ServiceNow or by dialing (901) 595-2000.

  1. You can connect to key applications directly from your laptop using your Microsoft login. This does not require a VPN connection or being on a St. Jude device.

    How to log in

    Username: St. Jude - e.g.,,
    plus St. Jude password


    Username: St. Jude username - e.g., jsmith14, plus St. Jude password


    NOTE: You may need a VPN connection to get to applications not available through the access points listed above.

  2. Stay connected to St. Jude and communicate with your coworkers from your mobile device by downloading the following apps:

    App Store (iPhone)

    Google Play (Android)

  3. Teams supports real-time online collaboration with other St. Jude employees. Teams Meetings and Calls help coworkers stay connected whether working remotely or in the office. Open O365 or download the Teams mobile application.

    Meetings involving St. Jude employees and non-St. Jude employees can be scheduled and held remotely using Webex. The St. Jude system has capacity for 4,200 concurrent people scheduling meetings with up 1,000 people per call. Directions for hosting a Webex meeting.

    Webex is automatically available on your St. Jude issued device. To add this application to your personal laptop or desktop, use this link: Download Webex Meetings for your personal computer.

    Webex Meetings Video Tutorials

    Teams Meetings Video Tutorials

    For more helpful videos, see the Video Tutorials section.

  4. Checklist for working remotely

    • Make sure you have your laptop and the power cord for the laptop
    • Bookmark for easy access to St. Jude systems
    • Verify access to Office 365 applications (Outlook email, Teams, OneDrive) and others that you use regularly (click on the tile for the application in
    • Activate and test your Webex account by logging into Always add a Webex meeting to your Outlook meeting requests.
    • Agree on a primary mode of communication with your manager and coworkers
    • Verify your contact information in the PhoneBook is up-to-date, including personal cell phone (this can be hidden)
    • Download St. Jude GO and other St. Jude Mobile Applications (see Mobile Applications above)
    • Request Cisco Jabber via ServiceNow to bring your desk phone to your computer. The app allows you to place and receive calls on your St. Jude laptop.
    • Explore these Remote Work Resources, including articles and links to videos to help you navigate the world of working from home.

    General Instructions & Troubleshooting

    Office 365 Instructions

    Teams Meeting Instructions

    Webex Meeting Instructions

  5. You may be using the same computer you were using on the St. Jude campus, but the network path between your computer and the applications you want to use is very different. The Test My Speed service allows you to test your network connection between your computer and the St. Jude campus.

    Use the Test My Speed Tool >


    Teams Meetings

    Webex Meetings