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Raja B. Khan, MD
Raja B. Khan, MD

Raja B. Khan, MD

Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Chief, Neurology Division




Fellowship – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York (1999-2001)
Residency – University of Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee (1996-1999)
Medical School – King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan (1985)

Clinical Interests

  • Effect of cancer and its treatment on central and peripheral nervous systems

Selected Publications

Helton K, Patterson AL, Khan RB, Sadighi Z.The Complex Diagnostic Challenge in Children with Non–Central Nervous System Cancer and Cerebellar Mutism. J Child Neurol 2017 (in press).

Hudson MM, Ehrhardt MJ, Bhakta N, Baassiri M, Eissa H, Chemaitilly W, Green DM, Mulrooney DA, Armstrong GT, Brinkman TM, Klosky JL, Krull KR, Sabin ND, Wilson CL, Huang I-C, Bass JK, Hale K, Kaste SC, Khan RB, Srivastava DK, Yasui Y, Joshi VM, Srinivasan S, Stokes DC, Hoehn ME, Wilson MW, Ness KK, Robison LL. Approach for Classification and Severity-grading of Long-term and Late-onset Health Events among Childhood Cancer Survivors in the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort. Cancer Epidemiology. Biomarkers & Prevention 2017 (in press).

Sadighi Z, Zabrowski J, Boop F, Broniscer A, Gajjar A, Khan R. Clinical Characteristics and Long-term Outcome in Movement Disorder in Childhood Thalamic Tumors. Pediatric Neurology 2017 (in press).

Khan RB, Sadighi ZS, Zabrowski J, Gajjar A, Jeha S. Imaging Patterns and Outcome of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome During Childhood Cancer Treatment. Pediatr Blood Cancer 63(3):523-6, 2016.

Khan RB, Hudson MM, Ness KK, Liang Z, Srivastava D, Krull KR. Association of attention deficit disorder with bedside anti-saccades in survivors of childhood leukemia. J Child Neurol 31(2):131-133, 2016.

Khan RB, Hudson MM, Ledet DS, Morris EB, Pui CH, Howard SC, Krull KR, Hinds PS, Crom D, Browne E, Zhu L, Rai S, Srivastava D, Ness KK. Neurologic morbidity and quality of life in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a prospective cross-sectional study. J Cancer Surviv 8(4):688-696, 2014.

Sadighi ZS, Ness KK, Hudson MM, Morris EB, Ledet DS, Pui CH, Howard SC, Krull KR, Browne E, Crom D, Hinds PS, Zhu L, Srivastava D, Khan RB. Headache types, related morbidity, and quality of life in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A prospective cross sectional study. Eur J Paediatr Neurol 18(6):722-729, 2014.

Conklin HM, Reddick WE, Khan RB. Comment on Smithson et al.'s review of stimulant medication usage to improve neurocognitive and learning outcomes in childhood brain tumour survivors. Eur J Cancer 50(8):1566-1558, 2014.

Patay Z, Enterkin J, Harreld JH, Yuan Y, Lödobel U, Rumboldt Z, Khan R, Boop F. MR Imaging Evaluation of Inferior Olivary Nuclei: Comparison of Postoperative Subjects with and without Posterior Fossa Syndrome. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 35(4):797-802, 2014.

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Reddick WE, Taghipour DJ, Glass JO, Ashford J, Xiong X, Wu S, Bonner M, Khan RB, Conklin HM. Prognostic factors that increase the risk for reduced white matter volumes and deficits in attention and learning for survivors of childhood cancers. Pediatr Blood Cancer 61(6):1074-1079, 2014.

Khan RB, Morris EB, Pui CH, Hudson MM, Zhou Y, Cheng C, Ledet DS, Howard SC. Long-Term Outcome and Risk Factors for Uncontrolled Seizures After a First Seizure in Children With Hematological Malignancies. J Child Neurol 29(6):774-781, 2013.

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McCarville MB, Kaste SC, Hoffer FA, Khan RB, Walton RC, Alpert BS, Furman WL, Li C, Xiong X.  Contrast-enhanced sonography of malignant pediatric abdominal and pelvic solid tumors:  preliminary safety and feasibility data. Pediatr Radiol 42:824-833, 2012.

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Conklin HM, Reddick WE, Ashford J, Ogg S, Howard SC, Morris EB, Brown R, Bonner M. Christensen R, Wu S, Xiong X, Khan RB. Long-term efficacy of methylphenidate in enhancing attention regulation, social skills, and academic abilities of childhood cancer survivors. J Clin Oncol 28:4465-4472, 2010. PMC2988638.

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Merchant TE, Chitti RM, Li C, Xiong X, Sanford RA, Khan RB. Factors associated with neurological recovery ofbrainstem fwlction following postoperative conformal radiation therapy for infratentorial ependymoma. Int J Radiat Oncol BioI Phys 76:496-503, 2010. PMID19464817.

Morris BE, Li C, Khan RB, Sanford RA, Boop F, Pinlac R, Xiong X, Merchant TE. Evolution of neurological impairment in pediatric infratentorial ependymoma patients. J Neurooncol 94:391-398, 2009. PMC2731005.

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Ledet DS, Handgretinger R, Bertorini TE, Hale GA, Ribeiro RC, Khan RB. Leucooencephalopathy, transverse myelopathy and peripheral neuropathy in association with glutamic acid decarboxylase-65 (GAD) antibodies in children with cancer. J Child Neurol 23:1357-1362, 2008. PMID18474930

Helton KJ, Weeks JK, Phillips NS, Zou P, Kun LE, Khan RB, Gaijar A, Fouladi M, Broniscer A, Boop F, Li CS, Ogg RJ. Diffusion tensor imaging of brainstem tumors: Axonal degeneration of motor and sensory tracts. J Neurosurg Pediatr 1:270-276, 2008. PMID18377301.

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Khan RB, Gutin PH, Krol G, DeAngelis LM. Use of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging in predicting early postoperative outcome of new neurologic deficits after brain tumor resection. Neurosurgery 59:60-66, 2006.

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Last update: June 2017