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Jason W. Rosch, PhD
Jason W. Rosch, PhD

Jason W. Rosch, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty



BA – The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio
PhD – Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Research Interests

  • Understanding host-pathogen interactions in Streptococcus pneumoniae
  • Modeling complex respiratory infections and their role in disease and transmission
  • Development of novel vaccine strategies for respiratory infections
  • Modeling antibiotic resistance mechanisms in Streptococcus pneumoniae
  • Understanding the role of high-risk hosts in infection susceptibility and antibiotic resistance development

Selected Publications

Rowe HM, Karlsson E, Echlin H, Chang T, Wang L, van Opijnen T, Pounds SB, Schultz-Cherry S, Rosch JW. Bacterial Factors Required for Transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Mammalian Hosts. Cell Host and Microbe 2019 (in press).

Rowe HM, Meliopoulos VA, Iverson A, Bomme P, Schultz-Cherry S, Rosch JW. Direct Interactions with Influenza Promote Bacterial Adherence during Respiratory Infections. Nature Microbiology 2019 (in press).

Burcham ZM, Schmidt CJ, Pechal JL, Brooks CP, Rosch JW, Benbow ME, Jordan HR. Detection of critical antibiotic resistance genes through routine microbiome surveillance. PLoS One Mar 14;14(3):e0213280, 2019.

Iverson A, Meyer CJ, Vogel P, Waidyarachchi S, Das N, Bruhn DF, Poole A, Butler MM, Bowlin TL, Lee RE, Rosch JW. The Efficacy of Aminomethyl Spectinomycins against Complex Upper Respiratory Tract Bacterial Infections. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Mar 11 2019. pii: AAC.02096-18. doi: 10.1128/AAC.02096-18.

Warrier I, Ram-Mohan N, Zhu Z, Hazery A, Echlin H, Rosch J, Meyer MM, van Opijnen T. The Transcriptional landscape of Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 reveals a complex operon architecture and abundant riboregulation critical for growth and virulence.  PLoS Pathogens Dec 5;14(12):e1007461, 2018.

Hakim H, Dallas R, Wolf J, Tang L, Schultz-Cherry S, Darling V, Johnson C, Karlsson EA, Chang T, Jeha S, Pui C, Sun Y, Pounds S, Hayden RT, Tuomanen E, Rosch JW. Gut Microbiome Composition Predicts Infection Risk during Chemotherapy in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Clinical Infectious Diseases Aug 1;67(4):541-548, 2018.

Karlsson E, Schultz-Cherry S, Rosch JW. Protective Capacity of Statins During Pneumonia is Dependent on Etiological Agent and Obesity. Frontiers in Microbiology Feb 15;8:41, 2018.

Penkert RR, Hurwitz JL, Thomas P, Rosch J, Dowdy J, Sun Y, Tang L, Hankins JS. Inflammatory molecule reduction with hydroxyurea therapy in children with sickle cell anemia. Haematologica 103(2):e50-e54, 2018.

Chang T, Rosch JW, Gu Z, Hakim H, Hewitt C, Gaur A, Wu G, Hayden RT. Whole Genome Characterization of Bacillus cereus Associated with Specific Disease Manifestations. Infection and Immunity pii: IAI.00574-17, 2017.

Penkert RR, Iverson A, Rosch JW, Hurwitz JL. Prevnar-13 vaccine failure in a mouse model for vitamin A deficiency. Vaccine 35(46):6264-6268, 2017.

Karlsson EA, Meliopoulos VA, van de Velde NC, van de Velde LA, Mann B, Gao G, Rosch J, Tuomanen E, McCullers J, Vogel P, Schultz-Cherry S. A Perfect Storm: Increased Colonization and Failure of Vaccination Leads to Severe Secondary Bacterial Infection in Influenza Virus-Infected Obese Mice. MBio 8(5):e00889-17, 2017.

Gratz N, Loh LN, Mann B, Gao G, Carter R, Rosch J, Tuomanen EI. Pneumococcal neuraminidase activates TGF-β signaling. Microbiology 2017. 10.1099/mic.0.000511

Brown LR, Caulkins RC, Schartel TE, Rosch JW, Honsa ES, Schultz-Cherry S, Meliopoulos VA, Cherry S, Thronton JA. Increased zinc availability enhances initial aggregation and biofilm formation of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 7:233, 2017.

Kadam A, Eutsey RA, Rosch J, Miao X, Longwell M, Xu W, Woolford CA, Hillman T, Motib AS, Yesilkaya H, Mitchell AP, Hiller NL. Promiscuous signaling by a regulatory system unique to the pandemic PMEN1 pneumococcal lineage. PLOS Pathogens 13(5):e1006339, 2017.

Penkert RR, Young NS, Surman SL, Sealy RE, Rosch J, Dormitzer PR, Settembre EC, Chandramouli S, Wong S, Hankins JS, Hurwitz JL. Saccharomyces cerevisiae-derived virus-like particle parvovirus B19 vaccine elicits binding and neutralizing antibodies in a mouse model for sickle cell disease. Vaccine 35(29):3615-3620, 2017.

Karlsson EA, Oguin TH, Meliopoulos V, Iverson A, Broadnax A, Yoon S, Pestina T, Thomas P, Webby R, Schultz-Cherry S, Rosch JW. Vascular Permeability Drives Susceptibility to Influenza Infection in a Murine Model of Sickle Cell Disease. Scientific Reports 7:43308, 2017.

Honsa EH, Mhaissen MN, Cooper VS, Frank M, Shaker J, Rubnitz J, Hayden R, Lee RE, Rock C, Tuomanen EI, Wolf J, Rosch JW. Clinical emergence of a RelA mutant Enterococcus faecium with multi-antibiotic tolerance. MBio 8(1):e02124-16, 2017.

Meliopoulos VA, Van de Velde LA, Van de Velde NC, Karlsson EA, Neale G, Vogel P, Guy C, Sharma S, Duan S, Surman SL, Jones BG, Johnson MD, Bosio C, Jolly L, Jenkins RG, Hurwitz JL, Rosch JW, Sheppard D, Thomas PG, Murray PJ, Schultz-Cherry S. An Epithelial Integrin Regulates the Amplitude of Protective Lung Interferon Responses against Multiple Respiratory Pathogens. PLOS Pathogens 12(8):e1006804, 2017.

Echlin H, Frank MW, Iverson A, Chang T, Johnson M, Rock CO, Rosch JW. Pyruvate Oxidase as a Critical Link Between Metabolism and Capsule Biosynthesis in Streptococcus pneumonia. PLOS Pathogens 12(10):e1005951, 2016.

Bryant JC, Dabbs RC, Oswalt KL, Brown LR, Rosch JW, Seo KS, Donaldson JR, McDaniel LS, Thornton JA. Pyruvate oxidase of Streptococcus pneumoniae contributes to pneumolysin release. BMC Microbiology 16(1):271, 2016.

Yao J, Carter R, Vuagniax G, Barbier M, Rosch JW, Rock CO. A Pathogen-Selective Antibiotic Minimizes Disturbance to the Microbiome. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 60(7):4264-73, 2016.

Brown LR, Gunnell SM, Cassella AN, Keller LE, Scherkenbach LA, Mann B, Brown MW, Hill R, Fitzkee NC, Rosch JW, Tuomanen EI, Thornton JA. AdcAII of Streptococcus pneumonia Affects Pneumococcal Invasiveness. PLoS One 11(1):e0146785, 2016.

Johnson MD, Echlin H, Dao TH, Rosch JW. Characterization of NAD salvage pathways and their role in virulence in Streptococcus pneumoniae. Microbiology 161(11):2127-2136, 2015.

Bruhn DF, Waidyarachchi SL, Madhura DB, Shcherbakov D, Zheng Z, Liu J, Abdelrahman YM, Singh AP, Duscha S, Rathi C, Lee RB, Belland RJ, Meibohm B, Rosch JW, Bottger EC, Lee RE.  Aminomethyl Spectinomycins as Therapeutics for Drug Resistant Respiratory Tract and Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Infections. Science Translational Medicine 7(288), 2015.

Johnson MDL, Kehl-Fie TE, Rosch JW. Copper intoxication inhibits aerobic nucleotide synthesis in Streptococcus pneumoniae. Metallomics 7(5):786-794, 2015.

Mina MJ, Klugman KP, Rosch JW, McCullers JA. Live-attenuated influenza virus increases pneumococcal translocation and persistence within the middle ear. Journal of Infectious Diseases 212(2):195-201, 2015.

Johnson MDL, Kehl-Fie TE, Klein R, Kelly J, Burnham C, Mann B, Rosch JW. Role of copper efflux in pneumococcal pathogenesis and resistance to macrophage-mediated immune clearance. Infection and Immunity 83(4):1684-1694, 2015.

Valentino M, McGuire AM, Rosch JW, Bispo P, Burnham C, Sanfilippo C, Carter R, Zegans M, Beall B, Earl A, Tuomanen E, Morris T, Hass W, Gilmore M. Unencapsulated Streptococcus  pneumoniae from conjunctivitis encode variant traits and belong to a distinct phylogenetic cluster. Nature Communications 12(5):5411, 2014.

Parsons JB, Broussard TC, Bose JL, Rosch JW, Jackson P, Subramanian C, Rock CO. Identification of a two-component fatty acid kinase responsible for host fatty acid incorporation by Staphylococcus aureus. PNAS 111(29):10532-7, 2014.

Carter R, Wolf J, van Opijnen T, Muller M, Obert C, Burnham C, Mann B, Li Y, Hayden RT, Pestina T, Persons D, Camilli A, Flynn PM, Tuomanen EI, Rosch JW. Genomic analysis of pneumococci from children with sickle cell disease reveals disease-specific bacterial adaptation and deficits in current clinical interventions. Cell Host and Microbe 15(5):587-99, 2014.

Rosch JW, Iverson AR, Humann J, Mann B, Gao G, Vogel P, Mina M, Murrah KA, Perez AC, Swords WE, Tuomanen EI, McCullers JA. A live attenuate pneumococcal vaccine elicits CD4+ T-cell dependent class switching and provides serotype independent protection against acute otitis media. EMBO Molecular Medicine 6(1):141-54. 2014. 

Last update: May 2019