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Angela Carrillo Alocén, PhD

Angela Carrillo Alocén, PhD

  • Clinical Research Associate III


Angela joined the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine in 2016. In her role as a clinical research associate she collaborates with physicians at approximately 30 Latin American hospitals, assisting them in the implementation of quality improvement, therapeutic and non-therapeutic clinical research.

Angela is a native of Perú and received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú and her doctoral degree in organic chemistry from Indiana University. She learned about the cutting-edge research at St. Jude when recruiting students at the SACNAS National conference representing IU´s Graduate School Office. She was strongly motivated to become part of an institution committed to help children suffering from catastrophic diseases and she knew she could contribute to important discoveries in oncology and infectious diseases working at St Jude.

In 2012, Angela first joined St. Jude as a postdoctoral research associate under the direction of Dr. Kip Guy in the Department of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, where her work as a scientist focused on the preclinical phases of drug development for the parasitic diseases malaria, sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis. A few years later she decided to apply her drug discovery and clinical research knowledge into more directly impacting the health of children worldwide, especially children from low- and middle-income countries, and she joined the St Jude Global family excited to take St Jude to the world.

While at St Jude, Angela also serves as a volunteer Spanish tutor for patients at the hospital school, an activity that allows her some direct interactions with the children.