Andrew M. Davidoff, MD
Andrew M. Davidoff, MD

Andrew M. Davidoff, MD

Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Chair, Surgery Department
  • Chief, General Pediatric Surgery Division
  • Director, Surgical Research
  • St. Jude Endowed Chair in Surgical Research



MD – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Research Interests

I am a board certified pediatric surgeon, having completed my residency training in general surgery at Duke University Medical Center and general and thoracic pediatric surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. My academic interests at St Jude are focused on clinical and translational investigation and treatment of pediatric solid tumors, neuroblastoma, in particular. My research is focused on the development of new strategies for the treatment of neuroblastoma (and other tumor types). These include angiogenesis inhibition and gene therapy for cancer treatment. In addition, I have a significant effort in the area of gene therapy for monogenetic disorders, hemophilia, in particular.

Angiogenesis appears to be required for the neoplastic growth of tumor cells, making it a potential target for anti-cancer strategies. Long-term expression of an angiogenesis inhibitor is likely to be required for the successful treatment of cancer. Therefore, gene therapy-mediated delivery of these agents is an alternative way to provide long-term expression of these therapeutic proteins. Vectors expressing a number of different angiogenesis inhibitors are currently being designed and tested in vitro and in vivo in murine models of pediatric tumors.

Gene transfer for monogenetic disorders is an attractive approach in which long-term correction of the disease phenotype may be achieved after a single intervention or vector administration. Extensive pre-clinical and clinical studies are ongoing evaluating the safety and efficacy of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors.

Selected Publications

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