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Cathy Swain

Volunteer Spotlight

Cathy Swain, Child Life Volunteer

In 1964 she looked up to the sky and felt the beating wind whip across her face as the helicopter landed. She watched from the crowd as Danny Thomas himself stepped out and announced a breakthrough in leukemia research.

Cathy Swain, a 7-year volunteer at St. Jude, uses her time serving in the Medicine Room, School, Auxiliary, and Child Life. Although volunteering at St. Jude was not her first experience volunteering, Swain said, “It was the most fruitful and rewarding.”

“It has helped me prioritize my life better and enrich my gratitude for the many blessings I’m constantly receiving.”

Swain said outside of St. Jude she enjoys yoga, tennis, reading and spending time with her 11 grandchildren. She said she not only volunteers at St. Jude in several capacities, but at other organizations, as well.

Swain said she feels her time spent volunteering at St. Jude is appreciated by the patients and families she serves. She said she also enjoys the interactions she has with patients.

“I like engaging with the children and being a recipient of their sincerity, honesty, and beautiful outlook on life and their ongoing humor.”

Swain said she feels any expectations she had before she began volunteering seven years ago “have been exceeded.” She said the high work ethic of all working at St. Jude “inspire me every time I’m on campus.”

Spending her time with the patients and families of St. Jude “has raised my awareness of the importance of volunteerism.” Swain said, “I want people to know what a happy environment St. Jude has and that I’m surrounded by miracles when working here.”

Swain said, “St. Jude is so near and dear to my heart and soul,” and she hopes others will see the need at St. Jude and sign up to volunteer where they are needed.