Richard Webby, PhD
Richard J. Webby, PhD

Richard J. Webby, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Studies on the Ecology of Influenza in Animals and Birds



PhD – University of Otago, New Zealand

Honors & Awards

  • 2011 Work highlighted in Nature Magazine: Nature 480(7376):S4-5, 2011. Q&A: The flu catcher. An interview with Richard Webby
  • 2010-present World Organisation for Animal Health/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Swine Influenza Expert Group Member
  • 2010 Special Recognition Award “In honor of extraordinary work in H1N1 influenza research,” National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • 2008-present Member Influenza Advisory Committee, US National Pork Board
  • 2004 Research Leader in Public Health and Epidemiology, Scientific American 50

Research Interests

  • Influenza virus ecology
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Influenza virus pathogenicity
  • Determinants of host susceptibility to influenza

Selected Publications

Most significant publications

Barman S, Krylov PS, Fabrizio T, Franks J, Turner JC, Seiler P, Wang D, Rehg J, Erickson GA, Gramer M, Webster RG, Webby RJ. Pathogenicity and transmissibility of North American triple reassortant swine influenza A viruses in ferrets. PLoS Pathogens 2012 (in press).

Ducatez DF, Webb A, Crumpton JC, Webby RJ. Long-term vaccine-induced heterologous protection against H5N1 influenza viruses in the ferret model. Influenza Other Respi Viruses 2012 (in press).

Hall JS, Krauss S, Franson JC, Teslaa JL, Nashold SW, Stallknecht DE, Webby RJ, Webster RG. Avian influenza in shorebirds: experimental infection of ruddy turnstones (Arenaria interpres) with avian influenza virus. Influenza Other Respi Viruses Apr 12, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Kitikoon P, Vincent AL, Gauger PC, Schlink SN, Bayles DO, Gramer MR, Darnell D, Webby RJ, Lager KM, Swenson SL, Klimov A. Pathogenicity and transmission in pigs of the novel A(H3N2)v influenza virus isolated from humans and characterization of swine H3N2 viruses isolated in 2010-2011. J Virol Apr 4, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Krauss S, Pryor SP, Raven G, Danner A, Kayali G, Webby RJ, Webster RG. Respiratory tract versus cloacal sampling of migratory ducks for influenza A viruses: are both ends relevant? Influenza Other Respi Viruses Mar 28, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Huang K, Zhu H, Fan X, Wang J, Cheung CL, Duan L, Hong W, Liu Y, Li L, Smith DK, Chen H, Webster RG, Webby RJ, Peiris M, Guan Y. Establishment and lineage replacement of H6 influenza viruses in domestic ducks in southern China. J Virol Mar 21, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Ma W, Liu Q, Bawa B, Qiao C, Qi W, Shen H, Chen Y, Ma J, Li X, Webby RJ, Garcia-Sastre A, Richt JA. The NA and M genes of the 2009 pandemic influenza H1N1 virus functionally cooperate to facilitate efficient replication and transmissibility in pigs. J Gen Virol Feb 15, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Karlsson EA, Marcelin G, Webby RJ, Schultz-Cherry S. Review on the impact of pregnancy and obesity on influenza virus infection. Influenza Other Respi Viruses Feb 15, 2012. Epub ahead of print.

Sundararajan A, Huan L, Richards KA, Marcelin G, Alam S, Joo H, Yang H, Webby RJ, Topham DJ, Sant AJ, Sangster MY. Host differences in influenza-specific CD4 T cell and B cell responses are modulated by viral strain and route of immunization. PLoS One 7(3):e34377, 2012.

Crossley B, Hietala S, Hunt T, Benjamin G, Martinez M, Darnell D, Rubrum A, Webby R. Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in captive cheetah. Emerg Infect Dis Feb;18(2):315-7, 2012.

Liu Q, Qiao C, Marjuki H, Bawa B, Ma J, Guillossou S, Webby RJ, Richt JA, Ma W. Combination of PB2 271A and SR polymorphism at positions 590/591 is critical for viral replication and virulence of swine influenza virus. J Virol Jan;86(2):1233-7, 2012.

Wang DJ, Boltz DA, McElhaney J, McCullers JA, Webby RJ, Webster RG. No evidence of a link between influenza vaccines and Guillain-Barre syndrome-associated antiganglioside antibodies.Influenza Other Respi Viruses May;6(3):159-66, 2012.

O'Brien KB, Vogel P, Duan S, Govorkova EA, Webby RJ, McCullers JA, Schultz-Cherry S. Impaired wound healing predisposes obese mice to severe influenza virus infection. J Infect Dis Jan 15;205(2):252-61, 2012.

Ozaki H, Guan Y, Peiris JSM, Webster RG, Webby RJ. Changing patterns of H6 influenza viruses in Hong Kong Poultry Markets. Influenza Res Treat 702092, 2011.

Kayali G, El-Shesheny R, Kutkat MA, Kandeil AM, Mostafa A, Ducatez MF, McKenzie PP, Govorkova EA, Nasraa MH, Webster RG, Webby RJ, Ali MA. Continuing threat of influenza (H5N1) virus circulation in Egypt. Emerg Infect Dis Dec;17(12):2306-8, 2011.

Byarugaba DK, Ducatez MF, Erima B, Mworozi EA, Millard M, Kibuuka H, Lukwago L, Bwogi J, Kaira BB, Mimbe D, Schnabel DC, Krauss S, Darnell D, Webby RJ, Webster RG, Wabwire-Mangen F. Molecular epidemiology of influenza A/H3N2 viruses circulating in Uganda. PLoS One 6(11):e27803, 2011.

Loeb M, Russell ML, Fonseca K, Webby R, Walter SD. Comparison of multiple estimates of efficacy for influenza vaccine. Vaccine Dec 9;30(1):1-4, 2011.

Kayali G, Barbour E, Dbaibo G, Tabet C, Saade M, Shaib HA, Debeauchamp J, Webby RJ. Evidence of infection with H4 and H11 avian influenza viruses among Lebanese chicken growers. PLoS One 6(10):e26818, 2011.

Marcelin G, DuBois R, Rubrum A, Russell CJ, McElhaney JE, Webby RJ. A contributing role for anti-neuraminidase antibodies on immunity to pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza A virus. PLoS One 6(10):e26335, 2011.

Wan XF, Dong L, Lan Y, Long LP, Xu C, Zou S, Li Z, Wen L, Cai Z, Wang W, Li X, Yuan F, Sui H, Zhang Y, Dong J, Sun S, Gao Y, Wang M, Bai T, Yang L, Li D, Yang W, Yu H, Wang S, Feng Z, Wang Y, Guo Y, Webby RJ, Shu Y. Indications that Live Poultry Markets are a Major Source of Human H5N1 Influenza Virus Infection in China. J Virol Dec;85(24):13432-8, 2011.

Cline TD, Karlsson EA, Freiden P, Seufzer BJ, Rehg JE, Webby RJ, Schultz-Cherry S. Increased pathogenicity of a reassortant 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus containing an H5N1 hemagglutinin. J Virol Dec;85(23):12262-70, 2011.

Ma W, Belisle SE, Mosier D, Li X, Stigger-Rosser E, Liu Q, Qiao C, Elder J, Webby R, Katze MG, Richt JA. 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus Causes Disease and Upregulation of Genes Related to Inflammatory and Immune Responses, Cell Death, and Lipid Metabolism in Pigs. J Virol Nov;85(22):11626-37, 2011.

Boon AC, Finkelstein D, Zheng M, Liao G, Allard J, Klumpp K, Webster R, Peltz G, Webby RJ. H5N1 influenza virus pathogenesis in genetically diverse mice is mediated at the level of viral load. Mbio Sep 6;2(5), 2011. PMC3171982.

Ducatez MF, Hause B, Stigger-Rosser E, Darnell D, Corzo C, Juleen K, Simonson R, Brockwell-Staats C, Rubrum A, Wang D, Webb A, Crumpton JC, Lowe J, Gramer M, Webby RJ. Multiple reassortment between pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and endemic influenza viruses in pigs, United States.Emerg Infect Dis Sep;17(9):1624-9, 2011.

Marcelin G, Aldridge JR, Duan S, Ghoneim HE, Rehg J, Marjuki H, Boon AC, McCullers JA, Webby RJ. Fatal Outcome of Pandemic H1N1 2009 Influenza Virus Infection Is Associated with Immunopathology and Impaired Lung Repair, Not Enhanced Viral Burden, in Pregnant Mice. J Virol Nov;85(21):11208-19, 2011. PMC3194964.

Zhu H, Zhou B, Fan X, Lam TT, Wang J, Chen A, Chen X, Chen H, Webster RG, Webby R, Peiris JS, Smith DK, Guan Y. Novel reassortment of eurasian avian-like and pandemic/2009 influenza viruses in Swine: infectious potential for humans. J Virol Oct;85(20):10432-9, 2011. PMC3187487.

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Ducatez MF, Cai Z, Peiris M, Guan Y, Ye Z, Wan XF, Webby RJ. Extent of Antigenic Cross-Reactivity among Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Viruses. J Clin Microbiol Oct;49(10):3531-6, 2011. PMC3187336.

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Meroz D, Yoon SW, Ducatez MF, Fabrizio TP, Webby RJ, Hertz T, Ben-Tal N. Putative amino acid determinants of the emergence of the 2009 influenza A (H1N1) virus in the human population. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Aug 16;108(33):13522-7, 2011. PMC3158228.

Lam TT, Zhu H, Wang J, Smith DK, Holmes EC, Webster RG, Webby R, Peiris JM, Guan Y. Reassortment events among swine influenza A viruses in China: implications for the origin of the 2009 influenza pandemic. J Virol Oct;85(19):10279-85, 2011. PMC3196454.

Yen HL, Forrest H, Cheung P, Wong D, Li O, Krauss S, Ferguson A, Crumpton JC, Jones J, Choy T, Ma E, Poon LL, Smith GJ, Nicholls J, Guan Y, Webster RG, Webby R, Peiris JS. Transmissibility of pandemic H1N1 and genetically related swine influenza viruses in ferrets. Influenza Other Respi Viruses May;5(suppl 1):85-7, 2011.

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