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Nurse Mentorship Program

Nurses participating in Nurse Mentorship Program

The Nurse Mentorship Program at St. Jude promotes personal and professional development of nurses through supportive and nurturing relationships. This program fosters our culture of nursing excellence through sharing of knowledge and experience.

Our mentoring program operates under the assumption that when a nursing professional assumes a new role at St. Jude, he or she becomes a novice again. Successful mentorship programs facilitate new role transition, competence and confidence of the mentee while increasing the dedication, retention, and satisfaction of both the mentor and mentee.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is a role model, champion, supporter, counselor, adviser and leader. He or she is a nurturing confidant who is willing to share knowledge to support the personal and professional development of the mentee.

Who is a mentee?

A mentee is a career-committed active learner, with strong initiative to learn a new role or skill set.

What are the characteristics of a successful mentorship relationship?

A successful mentorship relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. This relationship is goal-driven, supportive and closes the gap between didactic and real-life experiences as the mentor and mentee spend time with one another openly sharing their knowledge and skills.