Runner tracking

Runners near the finish line.

Real-Time Remote Racing™


Our past participants will remember the runner tracking app from previous races. This year, it's getting a pandemic-proof upgrade, allowing us to run together on race day, Sat., Dec. 5 at 7 a.m. CST, from wherever you happen to be! It's not just a virtual run, it's a remote race.


Participant instructions


  1. Connect and claim your profile. Emails with instructions will be sent out weekly for new registrants, or download the app now.
  2. Update your profile by adding a photo, reviewing location settings and more. In your profile, you can also choose to link your Strava account, if you have one, to RTRT. While not required this will allow you to use a Strava-connected device with RTRT if you desire.
  3. Run your race and track your finish time. On race day, Sat., Dec. 5, you'll see a countdown in the app. The race will start promptly at 7 a.m. CST. While your race can be completed anytime between Sept. 21 - Dec. 5, we encourage all participants to join us on race day. 

Please note:

  • The app is the only option to submit your race time.
  • Race time submission is not required and will not be verified.

How to connect your Strava to RTRT


Spectator instructions


  1. Download the app, or view the live tracker beginning Sept. 21.
  2. Search events, and choose your participant's 2020 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend Virtual Experience.
  3. Search participants. Find and follow your participant(s). You can track multiple participants at one time. You'll get push notifications for each tracked runner, including estimated finish time.

Top Questions

  1. Yes, you can complete your race on a treadmill. You will need to connect your RTRT account to Strava. This will ensure your treadmill activity is counted. Please watch our video on how this process works.

  2. Race time submission is not required and will not be verified. However, if you would like to be included in our virtual results, the RTRT app is the only option to submit your race time.

  3. Please watch our video on how this process works. If you do not yet have a Strava account, please visit for further details. If you're choosing to use your Strava-connected device, you will need to connect RTRT and Strava in order to import your race to RTRT.

  4. You can unlink your Strava account via the Account Edit Profile screen. See here.

  5. Strava activities usually emphasize 'Moving' time instead of 'Elapsed' time. See here. We import the raw route data and our timing is calculated based on the total elapsed time it takes to complete the course distance just like in an actual event.


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