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Runner tracking

Runners near the finish line.

In-Person Tracking

On your race day


Step 1 – Bib
Attach your bib to the front of your shirt. Your number must be visible at the start, finish, and all points along the course to prevent you from being disqualified. Please do not fold, cut or alter your bib in any way, the timing chip is included in your bib and any alteration could impact the ability to time you accurately. Please ensure your race bib is:

  • Clearly visible on the front of your torso
  • Unaltered and unmodified (do not fold or wrinkle)
  • Pinned on all four corners
  • Not covered (by jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)

Step 2- Mask Required - New for 2021
All participants will be required to wear a mask upon arrival in the start area until crossing the start line.

Step 3- Arrival Time - New for 2021
Your assigned arrival time found on your bib is the time to arrive in the start area. Do not arrive in the start area prior to your assigned arrival time.

Step 4- Start Window - New for 2021
Your assigned start time window found on your bib is the time you will be ushered into the start corral. This time is based on your pace time, with fastest runners first, followed by slower runners.

Step 5- Start Procedure - New for 2021 
Race officials will check your bib and usher you into the start corral based on your start time window. You will be directed to stand on the closest unoccupied street marking within the corral. Keep moving forward as directed through the start line.

Spectator Information

On race day, you'll be able to check the status of your runner in real-time on this page. Or, download the runner tracking app.


Virtual Tracking

For all virtual distances and in-person 4-race and 2-race challenge participants.

Claim your profile

Be on the look out for an email with subject of 2021 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend - Claim your Profile. Open the email from your mobile phone, tap the Connect & Claim button, and follow the instructions on the page that opens. Check out this video to see the steps in action: What to Expect.

On your race day

  1. Plan to carry your phone. Participants must carry their phone during their event.
  2. Open the application:
  3. Once your profile is selected, click the "START RACE" button.
  4. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TIMING "CHIP"! Leave the app running in the background - Do not close it out completely on your phone (do not swipe-kill the app).
  5. After you complete your race, you can use the app to see your finish time, finisher badge, take a finisher selfie and share it to your supporters and fans.

Spectator Information


  1. Download the app, or view the tracker beginning Sept. 16.
  2. Search events for 2021 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend.
  3. Search participants. Find and follow your participant(s). You can track up to 10 participants at one time. You'll get push notifications and SMS live updates for each tracked runner, including estimated finish time.

Please note: you must enable messages in the app to receive push notifications and SMS live updates.


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