5 marathon training tips


When it comes to running a marathon, training is key. Here are a few tips we've found helpful in preparing for race day.

1. Know your plan. Take advantage of having a training plan in your participant center! Use your daily planner or smartphone to remind yourself of your training schedule. Your training runs are your “you” time, so plan to put yourself first. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, right after work or in the evening, prioritize your run. Schedule it in your day like it’s a meeting you just can’t miss.

2. Be consistent. Missing a training run or two won’t derail you, but stay committed to your race-day goal. When the runs get long or the weather gets hot, don’t stop. It’s the difficult runs during training that will strengthen you for your race.              

3. Run with a friend. Some people thrive on running alone, but for others, solitude can be discouraging during a tough run. You may not have a friend who can run with you the whole way, but asking someone to start off with you or join in for the last few miles can help break up a challenging run.

4. Befriend your local running store. Your local running store is a great place to ask about group runs and training programs, and to get fitted for poper footwear to support you through your training (running in worn-out shoes can increase your risk of injury). The running community loves runners of all shapes, sizes and speeds; take advantage of their knowledge!

5. Mix it up. Use your long weekend runs as a chance to explore! Map out the nearby parks, trails, forests or areas of town you want to discover, and watch the miles fly by.

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