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Matt Hinson

Beverage Cart Volunteer Opportunities

Beverage Cart volunteers offer hot chocolate and coffee to patients, families, and St. Jude staff each evening

Beverage Cart volunteers spread joy by offering on the spot hot chocolate and coffee to patients their families, and St. Jude staff members each evening.  The cart rounds to all inpatient units and 24-hour clinics, brightening the evening shift with personalized attention for everyone at the hospital. The Beverage Cart can be run by one volunteer, however, usually a team of two volunteers round with this cart.


Shifts are available each day between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Volunteers must be physically able to walk for long distances and push a cart. must be able to effectively work and communicate well with others; and be able to follow infection control and cleanliness standards.

Review our volunteer eligibility requirements and application process >>