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"I am honored to support St. Jude"

Mrs. Dolores Morelli enjoys learning about other cultures. A native of California, Mrs. Morelli has traveled the world, visiting many countries in South America, Europe and Asia. She believes people should be true to themselves but acquire good traits from others and adapt them into their own lives.

As an example, Mrs. Morelli learned about estate planning from the clients she worked with as a beautician for many years. Her family’s Mexican culture has not generally embraced this type of planning, but she decided it was a wonderful way to make a positive difference for others.

St. Jude supporter Dolores Morelli

Dolores Morelli

Mrs. Morelli remembers Danny Thomas starting out in his career, and how he built St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from scratch.

“Being Catholic myself, I have a strong devotion to St. Jude,” she says. “I love knowing that Danny, too, prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus at a time of need.”

When she and her late husband, Morris, set up their own estate plans, they decided to leave a bequest for the children of St. Jude. Recently retired, she has enjoyed getting to know her local St. Jude representatives.

“I really value that St. Jude has ambassadors who personally reach out to their benefactors,” she says.

Mrs. Morelli grew up in a large family. Her husband, 13 years her senior, was her brother's best friend; they married when she was in her thirties and chose not to have children.

A World War II veteran, Mr. Morelli loved to cook. Sadly, he lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2007.

“Since cancer has touched my life so closely,” Mrs. Morelli explains, “I know that the work done at St. Jude is very important in the overall fight against cancer — not only for the children, but also for adults.”

Mrs. Morelli loves the approach of St. Jude to treating the sick child and also taking care of the family throughout their child’s illness.

“I am honored to support St. Jude,” she says, “and I hope that the little something I have set aside for St. Jude makes a difference."


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