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Providing a global analytics resource and surveillance system



The St. Jude Global Childhood Cancer Analytics Resource and Epidemiological Surveillance System (SJCARES) provides a new system to continuously identify, target and monitor the vital health metrics that impact patient outcomes while simultaneously advancing our practical understanding of global childhood cancer epidemiology. With this approach, we can optimize the utilization of valuable resources, and together improve the quality of childhood cancer care delivered worldwide.

SJCARES is a new philosophy for data capture in low- and middle-income country (LMIC) settings that helps collect the information your hospital and research groups need. Evidence-based tools that require limited data will allow for maximum productivity from your management team. SJCARES will allow us to establish global standards for comparison over time and between groups.

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The Registry is a hospital-based pediatric cancer registration and reporting system. It applies a child-centered approach that involves collecting and providing cancer epidemiology data.


PrOFILE provides a full evaluation of health-service delivery so that facilities can develop individual improvement plans for their institutions.

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Systems works to integrate healthcare systems and policies in a distinct region. It provides country-level suite of tools to support cancer control planning.

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Policies is a tool suite designed to appraise the health policy environment to scale-up childhood cancer control via evidence-informed policy interventions and optimize national health and cancer control planning inclusive of children and adolescents with cancer.