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St. Jude Global Alliance session

SJCARES Systems is a tool suite designed to appraise the health systems environment to scale-up childhood cancer control via systems strengthening, and optimize sustainable interventions for children with cancer across national, regional, and global contexts


Although a systems approach is essential for quality care, and for sustainable gains in the care and cure of children globally, few technical resources exist to facilitate systems thinking and collaboration across sectors, or to identify and address systems barriers and bottlenecks in pediatric cancer and catastrophic diseases.

The SJCARES Systems tool suite facilitates participatory health systems analyses and monitoring at national and regional levels, making It easier to draw in and interpret data and perspectives across the global pediatric hematology/oncology community as well as those of other fields and sectors to address critical and complex challenges. Collaborative outputs can be used to support national strategic and program planning, consensus building and advocacy, and define priorities for research and action.

Graphic of SJCARES Systems tools

Meet Our Team

  • Catherine G. Lam, MD, MPH
    • Director, Asia Pacific Region, St. Jude Global
    • Director, Health Systems Unit
    • Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer
    • Program Director
  • Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD

    Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD


    • Executive Vice President
    • Chair, Department of Global Pediatric Medicine
    • Director, St. Jude Global
    • Co-Associate Director, Outreach, Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Director, St. Jude Global
  • Meenakshi Devidas, PhD, MBA
    • Director, Global Analytics
  • Meghana Avula
    • Director of Global Technology
  • Yichen Chen, PhD, MSc
    • Senior Biostatistician, Global Analytics
  • Wendy Archibald

    Wendy Archibald


    • Administrative Specialist, Health Systems Unit
  • Richard Howard, MSE


    • Health Systems Analyst, Health Systems Unit