Systems Analysis

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The SJCARES Systems Analysis appraises health systems and policy environments to scale-up childhood cancer control, with the goal to identify opportunities to strengthen systems and optimize integrated sustainable interventions for children with cancer across national, regional and global contexts.   

Two comprehensive resources currently offered in this module are the National Health Policy Analyses (NCCP Analyses) program and the Country Collaboration for Childhood Cancer Control (C5 Tool).

The National Health Policy Analyses (NCCP Analyses) program includes:

  • A comprehensive and curated core bank of more than 900 national policies and strategic documents regarding cancer control, noncommunicable diseases and health, spanning every region of the world and all country income levels;
  • Tailored analytic frameworks with multilingual search codes developed in 6 languages;
  • In-depth comparisons of more than 280 national policies in eight languages conducted, facilitating collaborative guided analyses of national cancer control programmes (NCCP) and cancer-related policy documents; and
  • A collaborative platform for ongoing global, regional and national policy analyses that can drive further national cancer control plan development, implementation and monitoring/evaluation to inform action.

The Country Collaboration for Childhood Cancer Control (C5 Tool) involves:

  • An assessment and opportunity mapping tool that identifies the landscape for health systems strengthening and evidence-informed decision-making; and
  • Stakeholder mapping and facilitation of national strategic planning, aimed at fostering collaborations across institutions, sectors, national programs and regions.

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