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Zhongbo Hu, MD, PhD
Zhongbo Hu, MD, PhD

Zhongbo Hu, MD, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



MD - Beijing Medical University, Beijing, China
MS (Medicine) - Tongji Medical University (Former name of Tongji Medical College), Wuhan China
PhD (Hematology) - Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan China
Pediatric Resident - Jackson Memorial/Holtz Children's Hospital, Miami, Florida
Pediatric Hematology Oncology Fellow - Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

Research Interests

  • Targeting inflammasomes to resolve leukemia chemotherapy resistance and treatment complications 
  • Developing new targeted leukemia therapy
  • Developing strategies to induce immune tolerance to treat GVHD 
  • Immune and cellular therapies 
  • Developing international clinical trials on leukemia/lymphoma and other pediatric cancers 

Selected Publications

Hu Z, Dalal J. Challenges in HLH transplant: Tricks to prevent menace of mixed chimerism. Pediatr Blood Cancer e28602, 2020. doi:10.1002/pbc.28602.

Lorenz V, Ramsey H, Liu Z-J, Italiana Jr J, Hoffmeister K, Bihorel S, Mager D, Hu Z, Slayton WB, Kile BT, Sola-Visner M, Ferrer-Marin F. Developmental stage-specific manifestations of absent TPO/c-MPL signaling in newborn mice. Thromb Haemost 117(12):2322-2333, 2017.

Hu Z, Slayton WB. Integrin VLA-5 and FAK are good targets to improve treatment response in the Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Frontiers in Oncology 4:112, 2014.

Liu Z-J, Hoffmeister K, Hu Z, Mager DE, Ait-Oudhia S, Italiano JE, Veng-Pedersen P, Chavda C, Sola-Visner M. Expansion of the neonatal platelet mass is achieved via an extension of platelet lifespan. Blood 123(22):3381-3389, 2014.

Park SO, Wamsley HL, Bae K, Hu Z, Li X, Choe S-w, Slayton WB, Oh SP, Wagner K-U Sayeski PP. Conditional deletion of Jak2 reveals an essential role in hematopoiesis throughout mouse ontogeny: implications for Jak2 inhibition in humans. PLOS ONE 8(3):e59675, 2013.

Xiao-Miao L, Hu Z, Zafar AB, Jorgensen ML, Bungert J, Slayton W. Intrinsic and extrinsic effects of mafG deficiency on hematopoietic recovery following bone marrow transplant. Exp Hematol Dec;38(12):1251-60, 2010.

Hu Z, Slayton WB, Rimsza LM, Bailey M, Sola-Visner MC. Differences between newborn and adult mice in their response to immune thrombocytopenia. Neonatology 98:100-108, 2010.

Li X-M, Hu Z, Jorgenson ML, Slayton WB. High levels of acetylated low density lipoprotein uptake and low Tie2 promoter activity distinguishes sinusoids from other vessel types in the murine bone marrow. Circulation 120(19):1910-1918, 2009.

Hu Z, Li XM, Jorgensen ML, Slayton WB. MLL/AF-4 leukemic cells recruit new blood vessels but do not incorporate into capillaries in culture or in a NOD/SCID xenograft model. Leukemia 23(5):990-993, 2009.

Li XM, Hu Z, Jorgenson ML, Wingard JR, Slayton WB. Bone marrow sinusoidal endothelial cells undergo nonapoptotic cell death and are replaced by proliferating sinusoidal cells in situ to maintain the vascular niche following lethal irradiation. Exp Hematol Sep;36(9):1143-1156, 2008.

Han Z, Li, Maina N, Hu Z, Li X, Chouthai NS, Bischof D, Weigel-Van AKA, Slayton WB, Yoder MC, Srivastava A. Stable integration of recombinant adeno-associated virus vector genomes after transduction of murine hematopoietic stem cells. Human gene therapy 19(3):267-78, 2008.

Maina N, Han Z, Li X, Hu Z, Zhong L, Bischof D, Weigel-Van AKA, Slayton WB, Yoder MC, Srivastava A. Recombinant self-complementary adeno-associated virus serotype vector-mediated hematopoietic stem cell transduction and lineage-restricted, long-term transgene expression in a murine serial bone marrow transplantation model. Human Gene Therapy Apr;19(4):376-83, 2008.

Li X-m, Hu Z, Sola-Visner M, Hensel S, Garner R, Zafar A-B, Wingard JR, Jorgensen ML, Fisher RC, Scott EW, Slayton WB. Sites and kinetics of donor thrombopoiesis following transplantation of whole bone marrow and progenitor subsets. Experimental Hematology 35(10):1567-79, 2007.

Ignatz M, Sola-Visner M, Rimsza LM, Fuchs D, Shuster JJ, Li X-m, Jotwani A, Staba S, Wingard JR, Hu Z, Slayton WB. Cord blood transplant is associated with small megakaryocytes. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 13:145-150, 2007.

Slayton WB, Wainman DA, Li X, Hu Z, Cogle CR, Walker D, Fisher RC, Wingard JR, Scott EW, Sola MC. Developmental differences in megakaryocyte maturation are determined by the microenvironment. Stem Cells 23:1400-1408, 2005.

Zhang M, He W, Liu F, Zou P, Xiao J, Zhong Z-D, Hu Z. Inhibition of mouse hepatocyte apoptosis via anti-Fas ribozyme. World J Gastroenterol 10(17):2567-2570, 2004.

Lingbo L, Ping Z, Hu Z, Juan X, Rong G, Zhiliang X. Attenuation of GVHD for allo-bone marrow transplantation recipient by FasL-Fas pathway in an H-2 haplotype disparate mouse combination. J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci 24(4):329-333, 2004.

Hu Z, Zou P, Li A-X, Zhang Y-S, Wang L-L, Liu L-B. Study on blocking the leukemia immune escape after BMT by Fas-Fas ligand pathway. Chin Med J 116(3):419-424, 2014.

Xiao J, Zou P, Liu Z, Liu L, Hu Z. Selective depletion of the allo-antigen specific T cells by Fas/FasL pathway by cytokine IFN-gamma and IL-2. J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci 23(4):344-347, 2003.

Hu Z, Zou P, Li A-X, Wang L-L, Liu L-B. Study on blocking the tumor immune escape by Fas ligand pathway. [Article in Chinese]. Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi Dec;11(6):616-21, 2003.

Hu Z, Zhang Y, Li A, Liu L, Zou P. Experimental study on blocking immune escape of leukemia cells in the recipient after bone marrow transplantation. Chinese Journal of Hematology 24(8):402-406, 2003.

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Zhong Z-D, Zou P, Huang S-A, Hu Z, Liu L-B, Lu Y-P. A new method for construction of EGFP-labeled recombinant adenovirus containing hVEGF(165) and its property in vitro. [Article in Chinese]. Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi Jun;11(3):238-42, 2003.

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