Hospitalist Service

St. Jude hospitalists are doctors and nurses who work with your child’s medical team to provide around-the-clock care when your child’s oncologist is not available, including nights, holidays or on the weekends.

A hospitalist can make medical decisions and provide emergency care or regular care, such as giving your child chemotherapy, doing blood work or performing a bone marrow aspiration.  

St. Jude hospitalists:

  • help provide attention to patients’ needs during diagnosis, treatment, medical procedures and follow-up care
  • share information and coordinates care with your child’s medical team
  • are available when the clinic is closed, including on nights and weekends
  • are board-certified


  • Liza-Marie Johnson, MD

    Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, MPH, MSB


    Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

    • Program Director, Oncology Hospitalist Medicine
    • Bioethics Consultant (Clinical & Research Consultations)


Nurse Practitioners