Julia L. Hurwitz, PhD
Julia L. Hurwitz, PhD

Julia L. Hurwitz, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty



PhD – Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland (1981)

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Rudraraju R, Jones BG, Sealy R, Surman SL, Hurwitz JL. Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Current Progress in Vaccine Development. Viruses 5:577-594, 2013.

Sealy RE, Webby RJ, Crumpton JC, Hurwitz JL. Differential localization and function of antibody forming cells responsive to inactivated or live-attenuated influenza virus vaccines. International Immunology 25:183-195, 2013.

Surman SL, Rudraraju R, Sealy R, Jones BG, Hurwitz JL. Vitamin A deficiency disrupts vaccine-induced antibody forming cells and the balance of IgA/IgG isotypes in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Viral Immunol 25:341-344, 2012.

Rudraraju R, Surman S, Jones B, Sealy R, Woodland D, Hurwitz JL. Reduced frequencies and heightened CD103 expression among virus-induced CD8+ T cells in the respiratory tract airways of vitamin A-deficient mice. Clin Vaccine Immunol 19: 757-765, 2012.

Jones BG, Sealy RE, Zhan X, Freiden PJ, Surman SL, Blanchard JL, Hurwitz JL. UV-inactivated vaccinia virus (VV) in a multi-envelope DNA-VV-protein (DVP) HIV-1 vaccine protects macaques from lethal challenge with heterologous SHIV. Vaccine 30: 3188-3195, 2012.

Jones BG, Sealy R, Rudraraju R, Traina-Dorge V, Finneyfrock B, Cook A, Takimoto T, Portner A,Hurwitz JL. Sendai virus-based RSV vaccine protects African green monkeys from RSV infection.Vaccine 30: 959-968, 2011.

Hurwitz JL. Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine development. Expert Review Vaccines 10: 1415-1433, 2011.

Surman SL, Rudraraju R, Thomas P, Woodland D, Dash, P, Hurwitz JL. Clonally related T cells rapidly seed diffuse nasal associated lymphoid tissue, lower airways and lungs following respiratory virus infection. J Immunol 187: 835-841, 2011.

Burke,CW, Mason JN, Surman SL, Jones BG, Dalloneau E, Hurwitz JL, Russell CJ. Illumination of parainfluenza virus infection and transmission in living mice reveals a tissue-specific dichotomy in the respiratory tract. Plos Pathogens 7: e1002134, 1-13, 2011.

Rudraraju R, Surman SL, Jones BG, Sealy R, Woodland D, Hurwitz JL. Phenotypes and functions of persistent Sendai virus-induced antibody forming cells and CD8+ T cells in diffuse nasal-associated lymphoid tissue typify lymphocyte responses of the gut. NIHMS 265052. Virology 410:429-436, 2011.

Surman SL, Brown SA, Jones BG, Woodland DL, Hurwitz JL. Clearance of HIV-1 envelope recombinant Sendai virus by CD4+ T cells and interferon-gamma without B-cells, CD8+ T-cells or perforin. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 26:783-793, 2010. PMCID#PMC2932556

Sealy R, Jones BG, Surman SL, Hurwitz JL. Robust IgA and IgG-producing antibody forming cells in the diffuse NALT and lungs of Sendai virus-vaccinated cotton rats associate with rapid protection against human parainfluenza virus-type 1. Vaccine 28:6749-6756, 2010. PMCID#PMC2950074

Brown SA, Surman SL, Sealy R, Jones BG, Slobod KS, Branum K, Lockey TD, Howlett N, Freiden P, Flynn P, Hurwitz JL. Heterologous prime-boost HIV-1 vaccination regimens in pre-clinical and clinical trials. Viruses 2:(2)435-467, 2010. PMCID#PMC28855973

Heslop HE, Slobod K, Pule M, Hale G, Rousseau A, Smith CA, Bollard CM, Liu H, Wu J, Rochester R, Amrolia P, Hurwitz J, Brenner MK, Rooney CM. Long term outcome of EBV specific T-cell infusions to prevent or treat EBV-related lymphoproliferative disease in transplant recipients. Blood 115:925-935, 2010. PMCID# PMC2817637

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Sealy R, Zhan X, Lockey TD, Martin L, Blanchard J, Traina-Dorge V, Hurwitz JL. SHIV infection protects against heterologous pathogenic SHIV challenge in macaques: A gold-standard for HIV-1 vaccine development? Current HIV Research 7:497-5-3, 2009.

Surman SL, Sealy R, Jones BG, Hurwitz JL. HIV-1 vaccine design: Harnessing diverse lymphocytes to conquer a diverse pathogen (NIHMS #89672). Human Vaccines 5:268-271, 2009.

Jones B, Zhan X, Mishin V, Slobod KS, Surman S, Russell CJ, Portner A, Hurwitz JL. Human PIV-2 recombinant Sendai Virus (rSeV) elicits durable immunity and combines with two additional rSeVs to protect against hPIV-1, hPIV-2, hPIV-3 and RSV. Vaccine 27:1848-1857, 2009. NIHMS#124065

Sealy R, Slobod K, Flynn P, Branum K, Surman S, Jones B, Freiden P, Lockey T, Howlett N, Hurwitz JL. Pre-clinical and clinical development of a multi-envelope DNA-Virus-Protein (D-V-P) HIV-1 vaccine (PMCID# PMC2649747). International Reviews Immunol 28:49-68, 2009. PMCID#2649747

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Sealy R, Chaka WS, Surman S, Brown S, Cresswell P, Hurwitz JL.Target peptide sequence within infectious HIV-1 does not ensure envelope-specific T-helper cell re-activation: influences of cysteine protease and gamma-interferon induced thiol reductase activities. Clin Vaccine Immunol 15:713-719, 2008.

Hurwitz JL, Lockey T, Jones B, Freiden P, Sealy R, Coleman J, Howlett N, Branum K, Slobod KS. First Phase I clinical safety trial of an HIV-1 subtype D gp140 envelope protein vaccine: Immunogenicity induced among all study participants. AIDS 22:149-158, 2008.

Hurwitz JL, Zhan X, Brown SA, Bonsignori M, Stambas J, Lockey TD, Sealy R, Surman S, Freiden P, Jones B, Martin L, Blanchard J, Slobod KS. HIV-1 vaccine development: Tackling virus diversity with a multi-envelope cocktail. Front Bioscience 13:609-620, 2008.

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