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The 2020 Power of Purpose Report

Conducted by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Summarized below is a high-level overview of the current landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in companies of all sizes across the country. To review the full report, including insights into how businesses and nonprofits can leverage this information to achieve goals together, email


What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR programs, including philanthropy and volunteer efforts, are business strategies through which organizations can benefit the communities they serve while boosting their brand awareness and brand loyalty. No matter the approach, it's important for companies to prioritize and think holistically about these efforts and how they can positively impact society.

Even amid immense societal disruption­, companies that consider CSR a core business strategy and maintain commitments to CSR programs are more likely to weather the storm and emerge as impactful leaders within their community, with stronger bottom lines and more engaged employees.


Power of Purpose survey highlights:

o	Icon showing hands holding a heart next to skyscraper with the statistic 80% of organizations have a CSR program in place.

80% of organizations surveyed have a CSR program in place.

o	Icon of the scales of justice with statistic 64% of respondents say standing up for social issues important to their employees is an active part of their CSR efforts

64% of respondents say standing up for social issues that are important to their employees influences CSR decisions.

Map of the United States showing the percentage of businesses that have CSR programs in Chicago, Detriot, Dallas, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and D.C.

The percentage of businesses with CSR programs varies by market. 

More highlights include: 
  • How CSR programs operate across the United States
  • A deeper dive of findings in seven key geographic markets
  • Key insights on the growing necessity of cause marketing

To request a copy of the report,
please email


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