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Stacey K. Ogden, PhD
Stacey K. Ogden, PhD

Stacey K. Ogden, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty



PhD – University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio (2002)
BA – Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1997)

Research Interests

  • Mechanisms of sonic hedgehog signal transduction 
  • Mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication during development 
  • Regulation of cytoneme-based signal transport

Selected Publications

Hall TE, Dillard ME, Cleverdon ER, Zhang Y, Daly CA, Ansari SS, Wakefield R, Stewart DP, Pruett-Miller SM, Lavado A, Carisey AF, Johnson A, Wang YD, Selner E, Tanes M, Ryu YS, Robinson CG, Steinberg J, Ogden SK. Cytoneme signaling provides essential contributions to mammalian tissue patterning. Cell 187(2):276-293.e23, 2024. doi:

Ansari SS, Dillard ME, Zhang Y, Austria MA, Boatwright N, Shelton EL, Stewart DP,  Johnson A, Wang CE, Young BM, Rankovic Z, Hansen BS, Pruett-Miller SM, Carisey AF, Schuetz JD, Robinson CG, Ogden SK. Sonic Hedgehog activates prostaglandin signaling to stabilize primary cilium length. J Cell Biol 223 (9): e202306002, 2024. doi:

Hall ET, Dillard M, Stewart DP, Zhang Y, Wagner B, Levine R, Miller SP, Sykes A, Temirov J, Cheney RE, Mori M, Robinson CG, Ogden SK.  Cytoneme Delivery of Sonic Hedgehog Requires Myosin 10 and a Dispatched-BOC/CDON Co-receptor Complex. eLife 10:e61432, 2021.

Hall ET, Cleverdon ER, Ogden SK.  Dispatching Sonic Hedgehog: Molecular mechanisms controlling deployment. Trends Cell Biol 29(5):385-395, 2019.

Hall ET, Ogden SK. Preserve cultured cell cytonemes through a modified electron microscopy fixation. Bio-Protocol 8(13), 2018. doi:10.21769/BioProtoc.2898.

Stewart DS, Marada SM, Bodeen WJ, Truong A, Sakurada SM, Pandit T, Pruett-Miller SM, Ogden SK. Cleavage activates Dispatched for Sonic Hedgehog ligand release. eLife 7;e31678, 2018. doi:

Pandit T, Ogden SK. Contributions of Noncanonical Smoothened Signaling During Embryonic Development. J Dev Bio 11;5(4), 2017. doi: 10.3390/jdb5040011.

Bodeen WJ, Marada S, Truong A, Ogden SK. A method to preserve cultured cell cytonemes facilitates mechanistic interrogation of morphogen transport. Development 144:3612-3624, 2017.

Arensdorf AM, Dillard M, Menke J, Frank M, Rock CO, Ogden SK. Sonic Hedgehog Activates Phospholipase A2 to Enhance Smoothened Ciliary Translocation. Cell Reports 19:2074-2087, 2017.

Marzahn MR, Marada S, Lee J, Nourse A, Kenrick S, Zhao H, Ben-Nissan G, Kolaitis RM, Peters JL, Pounds S, Errington WJ, Privé GG, Taylor JP, Sharon M, Schuck P, Ogden SK, Mittag T. Higher-order oligomerization promotes localization of SPOP to liquid nuclear speckles. EMBO J  35(12):1254-75, 2016. 

Arensdorf AM, Marada S, Ogden SK. Regulation of Smoothened: A Tale of Two Signals. Trends Pharmacol Sci 37(1):62-72, 2016.

Marada S, Truong A, Ogden SK. The small GTPase Rap1 is a modulator of Hedgehog signaling. Dev Biol 409(1):84-94, 2016.

Ogden SK. Genetic evidence for a Smoothened-Gai signaling axis in mammals. Sci Signal 8:fs16, 2015.

Marada S, Navarro G, Truong A, Nachtergaele S, Angelats E, Arensdorf AM, Stewart DP, Rohatgi R, McCormick PJ,  Ogden SK. Functional divergence in the role of N-linked glycosylation in Smoothened signaling. PLoS Genet 11(8):e1005473, 2015.

Rana R, Carroll CE, Lee H-J, Ba, J, Marada S, Grace CRR, Guibao C, Ogden SK, Zheng J. Structural Insights into the Role of the Smoothened Cysteine Rich Domain in Hedgehog Signaling. Nat Commun 4:2965, 2013.

Marada S, Stewart DP, Bodeen WJ, Han Y, Ogden SK. (2013). The Unfolded Protein Response Selectively Targets Active Smoothened Mutants. Mol Cell Biol 33:2375-2387, 2013. *Cover article. [Commentary in Mol Cell Biol 33:2372-4, 2013.]

Gruber TA, Larson Gedman A, Zhang J, Koss CS, Marada S, Ta HQ, Chen SC, Su X, Ogden SK, Dang J, Wu G, Gupta V, Andersson AK, Pounds S, Shi L, Easton J, Barbato MI, Mulder HL, Manne J, Wang J, Rusch M, Ranade S, Ganti R, Parker M, Ma J, Radtke I, Ding L, Cazzaniga G, Biondi A, Kornblau SM, Ravandi F, Kantarjian H, Nimer SD, Dohner K, Dohner H, Ley TJ, Ballerini P, Shurtleff S, Tomizawa D, Adachi S, Hayashi Y, Tawa A, Shih LY, Liang DC, Rubnitz JE, Pui CH, Mardis ER, Wilson RK, Downing JR. An inv(16)(p13.3q24.3)-encoded CBFA2T3-GLIS2 fusion protein defines an aggressive subtype of pediatric acute megakaryoblastic leukemia. Cancer Cell 22(5):683-97, 2012.

Carroll CE, Marada S, Stewart DP, Ouyang JX, Ogden SK. The extracellular loops of Smoothened play regulatory roles in control of Hedgehog signal transduction. Development 139:612-621, 2012. *Cover article.

Robbins DJ, Ogden SK. Smoothened signaling through a G-protein effector network. Hedgehog signaling activation in human cancer and its clinical implications. Springer Science and Business Media, Inc. 33-47, 2011. 

Ogden SK, Fei LF, Schilling NS, Ahmed YF, Hwa J, Robbins DJ. G protein Gαi functions immediately downstream of Smoothened in Hedgehog signaling. Nature 456:967-70, 2008.

Farzan SF, Ascano M Jr., Ogden SK, Sanial M, Plessis A, Robbins DJ. Costal2 functions as a microtubule-dependent motor in the Hedgehog signal transduction pathway. Curr Bio 18:1215-20, 2008. 

Ogden SK, Casso DC, Ascano M, Yore MM, Kornberg TB, Robbins DJ. Smoothened regulates activator and repressor functions of Hedgehog signaling through two distinct mechanisms. J Biol Chem 281(11):7237-43, 2006.

Ogden SK, Ascano M, Stegman MA, Robbins DJ. Regulation of Hedgehog signaling: A complex story. Biochem Pharm 67(5):805-14, 2004.

Ogden SK, Ascano M, Stegman MA, Suber LM, Hooper JE, Robbins DJ. Identification of a functional interaction between the transmembrane protein Smoothened and the Kinesin related protein Costal2. Curr Bio 13:1998-2003, 2003.

Last update: March 2021

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