Kavitha C. Raghavan, MBBS, FRCA
Kavitha C. Raghavan, MBBS, FRCA

Kavitha C. Raghavan, MBBS, FRCA

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty




FRCA - Royal College of Anaesthetists, UK
MBBS - University of Bangalore, India

Research Interests

  • Neonatal and pediatric anesthesia
  • Patient safety and quality improvement
  • Ultrasound guided regional anesthesia

Selected Publications

Wan Yen Lim, K Raghavan. Identification and confirmation of suspected unintended peripheral arterial cannulation during anesthesia. Proceedings, Singapore Health Care 26(3) 203–205, 2017.

Shanmuganathan YB, Siow YN, Raghavan KC. Awareness in children and the auxiliary fresh gas flow outlet switch - another significant problem. Paediatric Anaesthesia 23(10):966–968, 2013.

Bowman S, Raghavan K, Walker IA. Residual anaesthesia drugs in intravenous lines – a silent threat? Anaesthesia 68(6):557–561, 2013.

Raghavan K, Thorning G. Critical incident due to migration of central venous catheter, a letter. Journal of Intensive Care Society Oct;9(3):268, 2008.

Thorning G, Raghavan K. Fatal thrombocytopenia due to phenytoin in a neurosurgical patient, a letter. European Journal of Anaesthesiology Oct;24(10):897-8, 2007.

Last update: June 2018