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St. Jude LIFE Study


As a childhood cancer survivor, taking care of your health is very important. You may be eligible to join a unique research study called St. Jude LIFE. Taking part in St. Jude LIFE can help you learn more about your current health and ways to stay healthy.

In this study, former patients return to St. Jude for three to four days of complete health testing throughout their adult lives. Thousands of childhood cancer survivors are already taking part.

Why take part in the study?

By joining the study, you may learn more about your own health. You will also help us add to what is known about long-term health issues (“late effects”) related to cancer therapy while receiving a comprehensive late effects check-up at no cost to you. Through this work, we hope to find new ways to promote good health to help survivors everywhere lead long, productive lives.

Learn more about St. Jude LIFE