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St. Jude Survivor Box

Celebrating our patients and survivors

Because of you the world is bright.

St. Jude is proud to honor its survivors, from the newly diagnosed to those who have been with us since the hospital opened in 1962. One way we do that is with an annual Survivor Box.

This year’s box will be mailed in the spring. It will arrive near National Cancer Survivors Day, which takes place in June. That day celebrates survivors. It also highlights their medical challenges and the importance of research and education.

News and Updates

  1. In October, St. Jude launched Epic, a new electronic health record system. You can now access your medical information through Epic’s patient portal, St. Jude MyChart.

    Along with the Our St. Jude patient app, you have a world of resources at your fingertips.

    Don’t wait—sign up for St. Jude MyChart today

    Learn more about St. Jude MyChart

    Learn more about Our St. Jude

  2. View of new Family Commons space with a play area

    Family Commons is a new treatment-free space where St. Jude families can relax, snack, create, learn, handle basic needs, and connect with each other.

    Located on the Patient Care Center’s second floor, Family Commons is open only to patients, families, and Family Commons staff. The beautiful space includes a café, event center, school, play areas, child care, business center, art and music studios, resting nooks, spiritual space, and more.

    The 2023 St. Jude ornament included in your survivor box celebrates the Family Commons opening.

    Learn more

  3. artist rendering of new buildings

    St. Jude is building two 15-story towers on the west side of campus between Chili’s Care Center and North 3rd Street. The buildings will house outpatient clinics and clinical office space. The project should take about 4 years. It is part of the exciting growth taking place at St. Jude.

    Overall, the hospital is investing $12.9 billion to add staff, open new areas of research, and create a welcoming home-away-from-home for patients and families .

  4. photo of people getting off a plane

    Thanks to St. Jude Global and its partners in the SAFER Ukraine initiative, hundreds of Ukrainian children with cancer and blood disorders have been able to safely continue treatment. The SAFER Ukraine team has translated medical records and created a safe pathway for patients to continue care in countries across Europe and North America. In spring 2022, St. Jude welcomed several patients and families from Ukraine as part of this effort.

    SAFER Ukraine is possible because of St. Jude Global’s work to build relationships worldwide. This effort is helping to improve cancer care in low- and middle-income countries. With SAFER Ukraine, we are saving lives by helping families access safe, ongoing care for their children.

    Learn more

  5. artist rendering of Domino's Village

    The Domino’s Village is a beautiful new housing facility for St. Jude patients and families. It is located just west of Tri Delta Place. This 6-story building includes 140 units for short- and long-term stays.

    A bridge across North Third Street connects the building to campus. The facility also features underground parking, an outdoor courtyard, and a play area.

    Learn more

  6. photo of woman in red shirt talking to man w/his back to the camera.

    As a St. Jude survivor, you are a vital part of the quest to cure cancer. St. Jude makes it easy to see what scientists have learned from the clinical studies you entered. When scientists publish papers showing clinical trial results, we share those findings online.

    To see what we have learned, visit:

    If you do not see the study you took part in, check back from time to time. Sometimes it takes a while to complete the many stages of a research project. It may take years for scientists to publish their findings. In the meantime, know that your part in these studies helps children now and in the future.

    Find your study

  7. photo of woman and child walking in park

    HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a common virus linked to 6 types of cancer. HPV vaccination prevents these cancers.

    The St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program and Transition Oncology Program (TOP) are working together to improve HPV vaccination rates in survivors who have completed treatment. Childhood cancer survivors have a higher risk of second cancers, including HPV cancers. HPV vaccination is an important way to protect yourself. Talk to your health care provider about HPV vaccination today. 

    Read more

  8. image of woman and child with Together logo in upper left corner

    Together by St. Jude™ offers a website, blog, Teens&20s section, and online community for childhood cancer patients, long-term survivors, and their families.

    Find information about long-term side effects, get daily living tips, and read stories about other childhood cancer survivors.

    Visit to find out more. 


Research Highlights

image of three scientists discussing something in front of a laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you are an active or former patient of St. Jude and you requested a Survivor Box, you should have received one. Please complete the Survivor Box replacement form. Replacements pins will be mailed out in late summer.

  2. To make sure that you get next year’s Survivor Box, please update your or your child’s contact information in MyChart. Access your MyChart account at If you need help setting up an account, please call (901) 595-4636.

  3. If an item was missing or broken in your Survivor Box, please email If you need a replacement enamel survivor pin, please fill out the Replacement form. Replacement pins will be mailed out in late summer. 

  4. If you need a replacement enamel survivor pin, please fill out the replacement form. Replacement pins will be mailed out in late summer.  

  5. After reviewing the Survivors Day event, we found that only 3% of our survivors and their families were able to take part each year. In an effort to honor more of our survivor families, we developed the Survivor Box. 

  6. While we do not have additional copies to distribute to large groups, we can offer a downloadable pdf of the booklet for personal printing.