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Celebrating at St. Jude

It's important that our patients still get to experience the joy of being a child. That's why we recognize important milestones, make fun memories and let our kids be kids.

You make these moments possible

Our kids love to celebrate special moments, like family traditions, graduations, seasonal holiday festivities and just having fun. Your support makes these celebrations possible. Thank you for being part of our St. Jude family.

St. Jude celebrations montage

At St. Jude we celebrate:


St. Jude patient Mabry

St. Jude patient Mabry


No More Chemo Party

In many cases, chemotherapy regimens at St. Jude can last two to three years. We love nothing more than to be able to throw a patient a No More Chemo party to mark the end of their chemotherapy treatment.

To celebrate, staff sing a special “No More Chemo” song before showering our patients in confetti. And of course, there’s cake.

St. Jude patient during halloween


Holiday celebrations at St. Jude usually involve food, fun and festivities. Families decorate Mardi Gras masks for Fat Tuesday, and you’re sure to see Santa and his elves spread holiday cheer every December.

On Halloween, the hospital halls fill with more than 50 vibrant booths manned by ninjas, superheroes, princesses and other characters handing out candy to our little trick-or-treaters.

St. Jude patient Jarquin

St. Jude patient Jarquin



Milestones are an important part of every child’s life, but they’re especially meaningful for kids fighting cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Every May, our St. Jude School Program hosts kindergarten and high school graduation ceremonies to mark this special time in the lives of our children and teens.

St. Jude patients at teen formal

Teen Formal

Prom is a memorable time for teens, and we don’t want our older patients to miss their big night.

Before the event, hair and makeup professionals donate their services to make the kids feel beautiful and ready to dance the night away. The party-goers then file into stretch limousines for their ride to the hospital’s campus. Upon arrival, they’re greeted by cheering employees lining a red-carpet entrance.


Thank you for making these celebrations possible.

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