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Working at St. Jude is one of my proudest accomplishments

LaResa Young handles contracts and works with departments on a variety of legal matters.

LaResa Young handles contracts and works with departments on a variety of legal matters. 

As a native Memphian, I have always known about St. Jude. But it wasn’t until I began working here in June 2007 that I realized the great work our institution is doing on many levels.

My role is administrative director of St. Jude legal operations. Our department handles contracts and works with departments on a variety of clinical, scientific, global and administrative matters. My favorite thing about the culture at St. Jude is everyone’s willingness to collaborate.

Everyone genuinely seems to be here for the mission—you can see it, feel it and be a part of it. This makes you want to do your best work.

I’ve always been interested in working in health care and finding ways to help people.

Entering college at the University of Memphis, I initially pursued pre-med, but I didn’t find the science courses enjoyable. Keeping with my desire to help others, I changed my path to the legal profession.

As my career evolved, I became more involved in ensuring laws and regulations were accurate. I was particularly interested in helping people who could not help themselves or who did not know enough to help themselves.

Prior to coming to St. Jude, I worked for the Tennessee Medicaid program, TLC. I visited hospitals, doctor’s offices and rehab facilities across West Tennessee to make sure Medicaid patients were being treated fairly.

The most rewarding part about my work is seeing the end results. I walk through the hospital and see a piece of equipment being delivered or being installed and know that someone in our office was responsible for getting the contract in place for that to occur. It’s the small things.

Outside of having an amazing daughter, Darycka, working at St. Jude is my proudest accomplishment. When I tell someone where I work, they reply that they love St. Jude and what we do. No matter where I go, even when traveling to out-of-town conferences, it makes me proud to say that I work at St. Jude.

LaResa Young is administrative director of legal operations in the Office of Legal Services at St. Jude.

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