Samuel L. Brady, MS, PhD
Samuel L. Brady, MS, PhD

Samuel L. Brady, MS, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Medical Physicist
  • Adjunct Faculty, Department of Physics, University of Memphis



BS - Utah Valley University, Orem, UT (2005)
MS - Duke University, Durham, NC (2007)
PhD - Duke University, Durham, NC (2010)

Research Interests

  • Using machine learning techniques to analyze and improve diagnostic image quality
  • Researching novel image quality metrics for nonlinear or iterative reconstruction algorithms
  • Developing radiation dosimetry models for pediatric patients undergoing CT, x-ray, nuclear medicine, and PET examinations
  • Investigating risk for pediatric patients from ionizing radiation exposure from imaging devices
  • Develop radiation dose reduction techniques for pediatric patients from imaging devices

Selected Publications

Federico S, Brady SL, et al. The role of chest computed tomography (CT) as a surveillance tool in children with neuroblastoma [letter to the editor]. Pediatr Blood Cancer 62(7), 2015.

Brady SL, Kaufman RA. Estimating patient dose from digital radiography examination using DICOM metadata: a quality assurance tool. Med Phys 42(5):2489-97, 2015.

Brady SL, Mirro AE, Moore BM, Kaufman RA. How to appropriately calculate effective dose for CT using either size specific dose estimates (SSDE) or dose length product (DLP). AJR 204(5):953-8, 2015.

Brady SL, Mohaupt TH, Kaufman RA. A comprehensive risk assessment methodology for pediatric patients undergoing research examinations using ionizing radiation: how we answered the IRB. AJR 204(5):W510-8, 2015.

Federico S, Brady SL, et al. The role of chest computed tomography (CT) as a surveillance tool in children with neuroblastoma. Pediatr Blood Cancer 62(1):128-133, 2015.

Brady SL, Shulkin BL. Ultra-low dose computed tomography attenuation correction (CTAC) for pediatric PET CT using Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR™). Med Phys 42(2):558-66, 2015.

Moore BM, Brady SL, Mirro AE, Kaufman RA. Size-specific dose estimate (SSDE) provides a simple method to calculate organ dose for pediatric CT examinations. Med Phys 41(7):071917, 2014.

Brady SL, Moore BM, Yee BS, Kaufman RA. Implementation of ASiR™ reconstruction for substantial dose reduction in pediatric CT without affecting image noise. Radiology 270:223-31, 2014.

Brady SL, Kaufman RA. CT dose metrics; communications [letter to the editor]. Radiology 267:964-967, 2013.

Kaste S, Brady SL, et al. Is routine pelvic surveillance imaging necessary in patients with newly diagnosed Wilms’ tumor? Cancer 119(1):182-8, 2013.

Brady SL, Kaufman RA. Implementation of AAPM report 204 size-specific dose estimates (SSDE) in pediatric CT. Radiology 265:832-40, 2012.

Brady SL, Yee BS, Kaufman RA. Characterization of Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR™) algorithm for dose reduction in CT: A Pediatric Oncology perspective. Med Phys 39(9):5520-32, 2012.

Brady SL, Kaufman RA. Establishing a standard calibration methodology for MOSFET detectors in computed tomography dosimetry. Med Phys 39(6):3031-40, 2012.

Lungren M, Yoshizumi TT, Brady SL, et al. Radiation dose estimations to the thorax using organ-based dose modulation. Am J Roentgenol 199:1-10, 2012.

Brady SL, Yoshizumi TT, Nguyen G. Isodose curve mappings measured while undergoing rotation for quality assurance testing of a 137Cs irradiator. Health Physics HPS 102(suppl 1):S8-12, 2012.

Yoshizumi TT, Brady SL, Robbins ME, Bourland JD. Specific issues in small animal dosimetry and irradiator calibration. IJRB 87(10):1001-10, 2011.

Crotty DJ, Brady SL, Jackson DC, Toncheva GI, Anderson-Evans C, Yoshizumi TT, Tornai MP. Investigating the dose distribution in the uncompressed breast with a dedicated CT mamotomography system. Med Phys 38(6):3232-45, 2011.

Brady SL, Toncheva G, Frush D, Yoshizumi TT. Implementation of radiochromic film dosimetry protocol for volumetric dose assessments to various organs during diagnostic CT procedures. Med Phys 37(9):4782-92, 2010.

Brady SL, Gunasingha R, Yoshizumi TT, Howell CR, Crowell AS, Fallin B. A feasibility study using radiochromic films for passive fast neutron 2D dosimetry. Phys Med Biol 55:4977-92, 2010.

Brady SL, Brown W, Clift C, Yoo S, Oldham M. Investigation into the feasibility of using PRESAGE/optical-CT 3D dosimetry for the verification of gating treatments. Phys Med Biol 55:2187-201, 2010.

Brady SL, Toncheva G, Dewhirst M, Yoshizumi T. A characterization of a 137Cs irradiator from a new perspective with modern dosimetric tools. Health Phys 97(3):195-205, 2009.

Last update: May 2015