Justin Williams, PhD; Li Dong, PhD; Xiang Chen, PhD; Xin Zhou, PhD

Department of Computational Biology

Chair: Jinghui Zhang, PhD

Departmental Focus

Our goal is to provide world-class analyses for institutional projects, such as the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, large inter-departmental projects and genomic experiments for individual St. Jude investigators. Our projects range in scale and scope from the analysis of a single data type for one biospecimen to the design, integration and analysis of multiple data types in large cohorts. We handle genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic data from human, mouse, yeast, zebrafish, influenza, and bacterial genomes.

The Computational Biology Department has a diverse team of experienced bioinformatics scientists and talented software engineers. As a team, we are able provide the broad range of analytical and computational skills needed to provide high-quality analysis for complex next-generation data sets. The department develops and improves analytic methods and integrates complementary data from multiple assays.

Scientists who successfully led data analysis for the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project and the former Hartwell Center Bioinformatics group are now integrated into one department with five functional groups. Each group is a focused team with expertise in specific bioinformatics domains. While focused projects only require the attention of a single group, complex data exploration and integration frequently calls for the interaction of several groups. In addition to these multi-group teams, there are long-standing collaborations with the Biostatistics Department and proteomics group. These collaborations are intended to develop, improve and expand our library of analytical methods.

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Department of Computational Biology
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