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Vendor Information

How to do business with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's purchasing department

This guide has been prepared to familiarize you with the policies and procedures in doing business with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (St. Jude).

It is the mission of the St. Jude Purchasing Department to add value to the St. Jude supply chain by purchasing high quality goods and service at competitive pricing, while exceeding customer expectations.

It is the objective of the Purchasing Department to work with vendors who provide exceptional customer service, quality products at competitive pricing, the lowest responsive and responsible bidders who comply with the required specifications, terms and conditions and have the capacity to deliver. In an effort to source new technologies and services at competitive pricing, we want to provide all interested vendors an opportunity to participate in upcoming bids for to St. Jude.


  • Materials Management procures goods and services through both distributor and manufacturer direct purchasing.
    • St. Jude has two prime distributors for the organization:
      • Primary Medical/Surgical Distributor – Medline
      • Primary Research Laboratory Distributor – Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • St. Jude has a centralized Purchasing Department for Medical/Surgical products, Research Laboratory products, and Life Science products.
    • Purchasing does not make purchases for Pharmacy related products.
  • St. Jude works with two GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations), Novation and CHA (Children’s Hospital of America).
  • All items must be purchased through Lawson RQC.
  • Materials Management seeks to purchase the exact product that customers have indicated on their requisition.
    • MM researches all of its contracts to ensure that the exact product is bought at the best value (value = price availability shipping terms, and ordering mechanism).

How do I contact the purchasing department?

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Materials Management Dept. Mailstop 508
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 595-3330
Fax: (901) 595-3923

How do I get on the bidder’s list?

Interested vendors must complete the Vendor Application Form and email it to St. Jude reserves the right to decide which products and services get sent out for bid. Bid requests will be at the discretion of St. Jude.

How can I obtain a copy of a Request for Bid or Request for Proposal?

Vendors must be invited by St. Jude to participate in the Request for Information (RFI) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). Interested vendors must complete a Vendor Application Form to be considered.

What factors are considered in the purchasing decisions?

  • Competitive Pricing through GPO contracts (Premier or CHCA) or locally negotiated contracts
  • Quality Products and Services
  • Customer Service
  • Timely and Accurate Deliveries
  • Freight Terms
  • Payment by Purchase Order
  • Invoice Accuracy
  • The completeness, accuracy and relevancy of the bidder’s response to the request for bids or proposals and any other factor relevant to items that are specifically listed in the RFP or Request for Bid (RFB).

Why do you request diversity information?

St. Jude strives to increase the number of certified minority- and women-owned businesses or small business vendors that provide goods and services to St. Jude through competitive processes.

How are vendors shows handled?

  • St. Jude is an institution of learning. Vendor product shows are one mechanism to bring the researcher and vendor together to facilitate a culture of learning and mutual communications.
  • St. Jude offers two, 2-day vendor shows per year. Vendor shows are open all days to all medical research and life science vendors (distributors and manufacturers) who are currently doing business with St. Jude. Interested vendors should email for details.
  • Non-contracted distributors currently doing business with St. Jude will be allowed to participate in either fair, provided their product/services have potential value to the research community at St. Jude.
  • Any additional product shows must be authorized through the Departments of Materials Management and Research Services.

Other Product Education Events

  • All research related events, seminars and product shows require prior approval from the Scientific Director’s Office.
  • Vendor-sponsored educational programs must be structured so as not to improperly influence purchasing or prescribing decisions.
  • The St. Jude professional’s main incentive in attending the Vendor-sponsored event must be to further his or her knowledge on the subject presented.
  • Direct support from Vendors for food, registration fees, etc. must be not be accepted by St. Jude unless an exception is requested by the applicable St. Jude personnel and granted in accordance with St Jude policy.

Visiting the Campus

  • All vendor representatives are subject to the terms of the Vendor Code of Conduct while on the St. Jude campus. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital employees abide by a more extensive Code of Conduct that outlines how we conduct ourselves and perform our duties.
  • In effort to protect our patients, all visitors and vendor representatives must have a pre-scheduled appointment.
  • All visitors must be pre-registered with Security 24 hours in advance by a St. Jude host (Purchasing or End User).
  • All visitors must report to the Materials Management Department (Customer Service, Bldg. 505, Rm. 1030) for a visitor badge before going to any other department or building on campus.
  • NO VISITORS are permitted without proof of registration from Security or Materials Management.
  • Vendor sales and marketing representatives are not permitted in patient care areas except to provide in-service training and then only by appointment.
  • Vendor sales and marketing representatives are permitted in non-patient care areas by appointment only. Appointments will normally be made for such purposes as:
    • In-service training of St. Jude faculty and staff.
    • Evaluation of new purchases.
    • Provision of useful information on drug therapy, products, and purchasing.
    • Presentation of seminars that share new technical, scientific, or educational information, applications, or technologies.
    • Appointments for these purposes will be made through Materials Management or Pharmaceutical Sciences, as appropriate, after consultation with the designated hospital personnel issuing the invitation.
  • Vendor representatives must be registered with Materials Management or with Pharmaceutical Services (in accordance with Pharmaceutical Department policy 2.12) and must receive and visibly display a one-day vendor badge at all times while on St. Jude premises.
  • Vendor representatives that will be given access to patient information must sign a St. Jude Confidentiality Form.
  • Vendor representatives who will be present during any patient procedure must have permission prior to the procedure from the responsible practitioner (who must have received patient consent) and must complete a health evaluation per Human Resources policy.

Relationships with Vendors

St. Jude’s policy requires that interactions with vendor representatives be conducted so as to minimize conflicts of interest and avoid the real or perceived potential to improperly influence decision-making at St. Jude.

  • St. Jude prohibits the receipt of gifts from vendors. However, this does not include donations (including donations of equipment, devices or supplies to St. Jude via ALSAC).
  • St. Jude prohibits meals paid directly by vendors unless an exception is requested by the applicable St. Jude personnel and granted in accordance with St Jude policy. Examples of when exceptions may be granted include when meals are offered in the course of providing approved consulting or advisory services and when meals are provided at meetings directly related to ongoing research projects.