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Tommaso Cupido, PhD
Tommaso Cupido, PhD

Education and Training

BSc – University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
PhD – University of Barcelona (Spain)
PostDoc – The Rockefeller University (NY, USA)

Research Interests

  • Mechanism and regulation of protein machines
  • Chemical Probe Discovery
  • Cancer biology

Selected Publications

Cupido T. et al. A chemical genetics approach to examine the functions of AAA proteins. 2021. In press.

Cupido T, Pisa R, Kelley ME, Kapoor T. Designing a chemical inhibitor for the AAA protein spastin using active site mutations. Nature Chemical Biology 5:444–452, 2019.   

*Pisa R, *Cupido T, Jones N, Steinman JB, Kapoor T. Analyzing resistance to design selective chemical inhibitors for AAA proteins. Cell Chemical Biology 26(9):1263-1273, 2019. (*equally contributing authors)

Cupido T, Rack PG, Firestone AJ, Hyman JM, Han K, Sinha S, Ocasio CA, Chen JK. The imidazopyridine derivative JK184 reveals dual roles for microtubules in Hedgehog signalling. Angew Chemie Intl Ed Engl 48:2321-2324, 2009.

Last update: January 2021