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Modeling spectinomycin binding to the 30S ribosome in M. tuberculosis. Credit: Laura Wilt, PhD

Department of Chemical Biology & Therapeutics

Chair: Aseem Z. Ansari


Departmental Focus

The Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) Department was established to develop innovative chemical and chemoinformatic solutions to fundamental problems in biology and medicine. Present research programs include creation of novel chemical entities that trigger or inhibit gene expression, reveal single molecule and super-resolution images of cellular processes, target drug resistance in microbes and humans, and explore protein-ligand dynamics at physiological temperatures. In parallel, the collaborative centers that form the “Therapeutics” component of CBT provide chemical synthesis, high throughput and high content screening, and computational capabilities that match leading biotech/pharma operations and are rarely accessible at academic institutions.

The scientific research arm of CBT is in an exciting growth phase. We invite creative individuals with bold vision and demonstrated excellence in research at the interface of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine to apply for multiple faculty positions

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The CBT Catalyst

Chemical Biology and Therapeutics is pleased to announce the release of its first departmental newsletter, The CBT Catalyst. It contains important words on the accomplishments, endeavors, struggles and talents of our chemical biology community over the past year.

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Contact Us

Department of Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
MS 1000, Room E9057
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105-3678

Phone: (901) 595-8087
Fax: (901) 595-5715

Preferred contact method: email


    • Julianne Bryan, PMP

      Julianne Bryan, PMP


      • Director, Chemical Biology Operations
    • Zoran Rankovic, PhD
      • Director, CBT Chemistry Centers
    • Natalie Racine


      • Manager of Operations
    • Lauren Sides


      • Senior Administrative Assistant
    • Candice Stokes


      • Senior Administrative Assistant