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Hai T Dao, PhD
Hai T. Dao, PhD

Hai T. Dao, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



Postdoctoral Research Associate – Princeton University
PhD (Chemistry) – The Scripps Research Institute
MS (Chemistry) - The University of Tokyo
BS (Chemistry) - The University of Tokyo

Research Interests

  • Design of chemical probes to study epigenetic regulations
  • Chromatin structure and function
  • Protein engineering
  • Cancer biology

Selected Publications

Dao HT*, Liu H*, Mashtalir N, Kadoch C, Muir TW. Synthesis of Oriented Hexasomes and Asymmetric Nucleosomes Using a Template Editing Process. J Am Chem Soc 2022. *co-first authors

Mashtalir N*, Dao HT*, Sankar A, Liu H, Filipovski M, D’Avino AD, Michel BC Dann GP, Muir TW, Kadoch C. Combinatorial integration of diverse chromatin landscape signals dictates activities of mSWI/SNF family complexes. Science 2021. *co-first authors

McBride MJ, Mashtalir N, Winter EB, Dao HT, Filipovski M, D’Avino AR, Sun J, Seo H-S, Umbreit NT, Pierre RS, Valencia AM, Qian K, Zullow HJ, Creech A, Pellman DS, Jaffe J, Arthanari H, Dhe-Paganon S, Muir TW, Kadoch C. The nucleosome acidic patch and H2A ubiquitination underlie mSWI/SNF recruitment in synovial sarcoma. Nat Struc Mol Biol 27, 2020.

Dao HT, Dul BE, Dann GP, Liszczak GP, Muir TW. A basic motif anchoring ISWI to the nucleosome acidic patch regulates nucleosome spacing. Nat Chem Biol 16:134, 2020.

Valencia AM, Collings CK, Dao HT, St. Pierre R, Cheng Y-C, Huang J, Mashtalir N, Woolf CJ, Muir TW, Kadoch C. Intellectual disability-associated mutations alter mSWI/SNF nucleosome acidic patch interactions. Cell 179:1342, 2019.

Dao HT, Li C, Michaudel Q, Maxwell BD, Baran PS. Hydromethylation of Unactivated Olefins. J Am Chem Soc 137:8046, 2015.

Dao HT, Baran PS. Quinone Diazides for Olefin Functionalization. Angew Chem Int Ed 53:14382, 2014.

Schneider U, Huang, Y-Y, Chakrabarti A, Dao HT, Morita N, Kobayashi S. Boron-based Pronucleophiles in Catalytic (Asymmetric) C(sp3)-Allyl Cross-Couplings. Pure Appl Chem 84:2417, 2012.

Dao HT, Schneider U, Kobayashi S. Design of Boron-Based Compounds as Pro-Nucleophiles and Co-catalysts for Indium(I)-Catalyzed allyl Transfer to Various Csp3-Type Electrophiles S. Chem Asian J 6:2522, 2011.

Dao HT, Schneider U, Kobayashi S. Indium(I)-Catalyzed Alkyl-Allyl Coupling between Ethers and an Allylborane. Chem Commun 47:692, 2011.

Schneider U, Dao HT, Kobayashi S. Unusual Carbon-Carbon Bond Formations Between Allyl Boronates and Acetals or Ketals Catalyzed by a Peculiar Indium(I) Lewis Acid. Org Lett 12:2488, 2010.

Last update: February 2022