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Chia-ho Hua, PhD
Chia-ho Hua, PhD

Chia-ho Hua, PhD

Member, St. Jude Faculty

  • Director of Medical Physics Research, Radiation Oncology Department



MS – National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
PhD – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Postdoctoral Fellowship – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

Honors & Awards

  • 2023  Fellow, American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • 2022 Distinguished referee for journal of Medical Physics
  • 2019  Scientific Research Highlights, St. Jude Scientific Report
  • 2019  Top downloaded paper in journal of Medical Physics
  • 2016  Science Council Winner, American Association of Physicist in Medicine
  • 2014  Finalist of Employee of the Year, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • 2013  St. Jude 5100 Club Induction
  • 2012  Mentor, Best in Physics Award, American Association of Physicist in Medicine

Research Interests

  • Improving proton therapy targeting accuracy
  • Advanced imaging for precision radiation therapy
  • Predictive modeling for tumor response and treatment late effects

Selected Publications

Hua C, Bentzen SM, Li Y, Milano MT, Rancati T, Marks LB, Constine LS, Yorke ED, Jackson A. Improving Pediatric Normal Tissue Radiation Dose-Response Modeling in Children with Cancer: A PENTEC Initiative. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys June;119(2):369-386, 2024.  

Hill-Kayser C, Yorke E, Jackson A, Gracia C, Ginsberg J, Keene K, Ronckers C, Metzger ML, Li Z, Constine L, Hua C. Effects of Radiation Therapy on the Female Reproductive Tract in Childhood Cancer Survivors: A PENTEC Comprehensive Review. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys  Jun;119(2):588-609, 2024.

Nanda RH, Hua C, Flampouri S, Eaton B, Kaste S, Patni T, Ronckers C, Constine LS, Marks LB, Esiashvili N. Risks of Spinal Abnormalities and Growth Impairment After Radiation to the Spine in Childhood Cancer Survivors: A PENTEC Comprehensive Review. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jun;119(2): 507-521, 2024.

Jackson A, Hua C, Olch A, Yorke E, Rancati T, Milano MT, Constine LS, Marks LB, Bentzen SM. Reporting Standards for Complications Studies of Radiotherapy for Pediatric Cancer. Lessons from PENTEC. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jun;2(119): 697-707, 2024.

Lucas JT, Abramson ZR, Epstein K, Morin CE, Jaju A, Lee JW, Lee C-L, Sitaram R, Voss SD, Hudson MM, Constine LS, Hua C. Imaging assessment of radiotherapy related normal tissue injury in children: a PENTEC visionary statement. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jun;119(2): 669-680, 2024.

Bentzen S, Vodelius I, Hodgson D, Howell R, Hua C, Olch A, Ronckers C, Leontien K, Milano MT, Marks LB, Constine LS, Jackson A. Radiation Dose-Volume-Response Relationships for Adverse Events in Childhood Cancer Survivors: Introduction to the Scientific Issues in PENTEC. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jun;119(2): 338-353, 2024.

Constine LS, Marks LB, Milano MT, Ronckers CM, Jackson A, Hudson MM, Marcus KJ, Hodgson DC, Hua C, Howell RM, Marples B, Yorke E, Olch A, Bentzen SM. A User's Guide and Summary of Pediatric Normal Tissue Effects in the Clinic (PENTEC): Radiation Dose-Volume Response for Adverse Effects After Childhood Cancer Therapy and Future Directions. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Jun; 119(2):321-337, 2024.

Olch AJ, Gopalakrishnan M, Murphy ES, MacDonald SM, Hua C. Toward Systematic Assessment and Improvement of Radiation Therapy Plan Quality of Cooperative Group Trial Submissions: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group. Pract Radiat Oncol Jul-Aug;13(4):e374-e382, 2023.

Olch AJ, van Luijk P, Hua C, Avanzo M, Howell RM, Yorke E, Aznar MC, Kry SF. Physics Considerations for Evaluation of Dose for Dose-Response Models of Pediatric Late Effects From Radiation Therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Mar 30:S0360-3016(23)00216-X, 2023.

Uh J, Jordan JA, Pappo AS, Krasin MJ, Hua C. Adaptive Proton Therapy for Pediatric Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma: On-Treatment Anatomic Changes and Timing to Replanning. Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol) Apr;35(4):245-254, 2023.

Kelsey TW, Hua C, Wyatt A, Indelicato D, Wallace WH. A predictive model of the effect of therapeutic radiation on the human ovary. PLoS One Nov 18;17(11):e0277052, 2022.

Faught AM, Wilson LJ, Gargone M, Pirlepesov F, Moskvin VP, Hua C. Treatment-planning approaches to intensity modulated proton therapy and the impact on dose-weighted linear energy transfer. J Appl Clin Med Phys Jan;24(1):e13782, 2023.

Moskvin VP, Pirlepesov F, Yan Y, Ates O, Myers WJ, Uh J, Zhao L, Shapira N, Yagil Y, Merchant TE, Hua C. Accuracy of stopping power ratio calculation and experimental validation of proton range with dual-layer computed tomography. Acta Oncol Jul;61(7):864-868, 2022.

Wang C, Uh J, Tushar P, Merchant TE, Li Y, Hua C*, Acharya S*. Toward MR-only proton therapy planning: synthesis of relative proton stopping power images with multiple sequence MRI and development of an online quality assurance tool. Med Phys Mar;49(3):1559-1570, 2022. (*Co-senior author)

Wang C, Uh J, Merchant TE, Hua C, Acharya S. Facilitating MR-guided adaptive proton therapy in children by using synthetic CT generated by self-attention cycle-generative adversarial networks. Int J Part Ther June 25, 2021.

Dell’Oro M, Wilson P, Short M, Hua C, Merchant TE, Bezak E. Normal tissue complication probability modelling to guide individual treatment planning in paediatric cranial proton and photon radiotherapy. Med Phys Jan;49(1):742-755, 2022.

Moskvin VP, Faught A, Pirlepesov F, Zhao L, Hua C, Merchant TE. Monte Carlo framework for commissioning a synchrotron-based discrete spot scanning proton beam system and verifying treatment plans. Biomed Phys Eng Express 7(4), 2021. doi: 10.1088/2057-1976/ac077a.

Vogel J, Hui S, Hua C, Dusenbery K, Rassiah P, Kalapurakalkal J, Constine L, Esiashvili N. Pulmonary toxicity after total body irradiation - critical review of the literature and recommendations for toxicity reporting. Front Oncol August 2021.

Rassiah P, Esiashvili N, Olch AJ, Hua C, Ulin K, Molineu A, Marcus K, Gopalakrishnan, Pillai SM, Kovalchuk N, Liu A, Niyazov G, Peñagarícano JA, Cheung F, Olson AC, Wu CC, Malhotra H, MacEwan IJ, Faught J, Breneman JC, Followill DS, FitzGerald TJ, Kalapurakal JA. Practice patterns of pediatric total body irradiation techniques: A Children's Oncology Group survey. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 111(4):1155-1164, 2021.

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Ates O, Hua C, Zhao L, Shapira N, Yagil Y, Merchant TE, Krasin MJ. Feasibility of using post-contrast dual-energy CT for pediatric radiation treatment planning and dose calculation. Br J Radiol 94(1118):20200170, 2021. PMID: 33201728

Acharya S, Wang C, Quesada S, Gargone MA, Ates O, Uh J, Krasin MJ, Merchant TE, Hua C. Adaptive proton therapy for pediatric patients: improving the quality of the delivered plan with on-treatment MRI. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 109(1):242-251, 2021. PMID: 33129626

Uh J, Merchant TE, Conklin HM, Ismael Y, Li Y, Han Y, Sabin ND, Babajani-Feremi A, Indelicato DJ, Hua C. Diffusion tensor imaging–based analysis of baseline neurocognitive function and posttreatment white matter changes in pediatric patients with craniopharyngioma treated with surgery and proton therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 109(2):515-526, 2021. PMID: 32898610

Dell’Oro M, Short M, Wilson P, Hua C, Gargone M, Merchant TE, Bezak E. Influence of target location, size, and patient age on normal tissue sparing- proton and photon therapy in paediatric brain tumour patient-specific approach. Cancers 12(9):2578, 2020.

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De Blasi B, Barnes A, Galazzo IB, Hua C, Shulkin B, Koepp M, Tisdall M.  Age-specific 18F-FDG image processing pipelines and analysis are essential for individual mapping of seizure foci in paediatric patients with intractable epilepsy J Nucl Med  59(10):1590-1596,

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