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Victoria W. Willard, PhD
Victoria W. Willard, PhD

Victoria W. Willard, PhD

Associate Member, St. Jude Faculty



PhD – Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
– Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
 – Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

Research Interests

  • Social outcomes in children with cancer
  • Impact of medical, demographic, and psychological factors on social dysfunction and/or resilience
  • Interaction between neurocognitive and social functioning
  • Development of evidence-based interventions to target social dysfunction in children with cancer
  • Impact of diagnosis during early childhood on social-emotional development

Selected Publications

Willard VW, Qaddoumi I, Pan H, Hsu CW, Brennan RC, Wilson MW, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Goode K, Parris K, Phipps S. Cognitive and adaptive functioning in youth with retinoblastoma: A longitudinal investigation through 10 years of age. J Clin Oncol Apr 23;JCO2003422, 2021.

Daniels SR, Yang CC, Toohey SJ, Willard VW. Perspectives on social media from adolescents and young adults with cancer. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs Mar 17;1043454221992319, 2021.

Willard VW, Gordon ML, Means B, Brennan RC, Conklin HM, Merchant TE, Vinitsky A, Harman JL. Social-emotional functioning in preschool-aged children with cancer: Comparisons between children with brain and non-CNS solid tumors. J Pediatr Psychol Mar 3, 2021.

Tillery R, Willard VW, Howard Sharp KM, Klages KL, Long A, Phipps S. Impact of the parent-child relationship on psychological and social resilience in pediatric cancer patients. Psychooncology 29: 339-346, 2020.

Willard VW, Tillery R, Gordon ML, Long A, Phipps S. Profiles of perceived social functioning in adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancer. Psychooncology 29: 1288-1295, 2020.

Harman JL, Willard VW, Jurbergs N. Relationships and interdisciplinary collaboration: Integrating infant and early childhood mental health in the pediatric oncology setting. Zero to Three 6: 5-10, 2020.

Harman JL, Molnar, AE Jr, Jacola LM, Corr A, Scott A, Potter B, Schwartzberg S, Boyer H, Greear J, Willard VW. Establishment of a hospital-based early intervention program for young children with cancer: A quality improvement initiative. Clin Pract Pediatr Psychol November 30, 2020.

Jurbergs N, Harman JL, Kenney AE, Semenkovich K, Molnar AE Jr, Willard VW. Cognitive development in young children with brain tumors: Observations from a clinical sample. Children 6: 128, 2019.

Willard VW, Berlin KS, Conklin HM, Merchant TE. Trajectories of psychosocial and cognitive functioning in pediatric patients with brain tumors treated with radiation therapy. Neuro Oncol Jan. 8, 2019.

Willard VW, Russell KM, Long A, Phipps S. The impact of connectedness on social functioning in youth with brain tumors. Pediatr Blood Cancer Jan. 6;e27607, 2019.

Willard VW. Social skills interventions for survivors of pediatric brain tumors: A review and reformulation. Pediatr Blood Cancer 65(12):e27434, 2018.

Willard VW, Cox LE, Russell KM, Kenney A, Jurbergs N, Molnar AE Jr, Harman JL. Cognitive and psychosocial functioning of preschool-aged children with cancer. J Dev Behav Pediatr 38(8):638-645, 2017.

Willard VW, Hardy KK, Allen TM, Bonner MJ. Social functioning in survivors of pediatric brain tumors: Contribution of neurocognitive and social-cognitive skills. Child Health Care 2015 (in press).

Howard Sharp KM, Willard VW, Okado Y, Barnes S, Tillery R, Long A, Phipps S. Profiles of connectedness: Processes of resilience and growth in children with cancer. J Pediatr Psychol 40: 904-913, 2015.

Phipps S, Long A, Willard VW, Okado Y, Hudson M, Huang Q, Zhang H, Noll R. Parents of children with cancer: At risk or resilient? J Pediatr Psychol 40: 914-925, 2015.

Willard VW, Conklin HM, Wu S, Merchant TE. Prospective longitudinal evaluation of emotional and behavioral functioning in pediatric patients with low-grade glioma treated with conformal radiation therapy. J Neurooncol 122: 161-168, 2015.

Willard VW, Leung W, Huang Q, Zhang H, Phipps S. Cognitive outcome following pediatric stem cell transplantation: The impact of age and total body irradiation. J Clin Oncol 32: 3982-3988, 2014.

Willard VW, Qaddoumi I, Chen S, Zhang H, Brennan R, Rodriguez-Galindo C, Wilson MW, Phipps S. Developmental and adaptive functioning in children with retinoblastoma: A longitudinal investigation. J Clin Oncol 32: 2788-2793, 2014.

Willard VW, Conklin HM, Boop FA, Wu S, Merchant TE. Emotional and behavioral functioning after conformal radiation therapy for pediatric ependymoma. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 88: 814-821, 2014.

Hardy KK, Willard VW, Allen TM, Bonner MJ.  Computerized working memory training in survivors of pediatric cancer: A randomized pilot study. Psychooncology 22:1856-1865, 2013.

Moyer KH, Willard VW, Gross AM, Netson KL, Ashford JM, Kahalley LS, Wu S, Xiong X, Conklin HM.  The impact of attention on social functioning in survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and brain tumors. Pediatr Blood Cancer 59:1290-1295, 2012.

Hardy KK, Willard VW, Bonner MJ. Computerized cognitive training in survivors of childhood cancer: A pilot study. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs 28:27-33, 2011.

Hardy KK, Willard VW, Watral MA, Bonner MJ. Perceived social competency in children with brain tumors: Comparison between children on and off therapy. J Pediatr Oncol Nurs 27:156-163, 2010.

Willard VW, Hardy KK, Bonner MJ. Gender differences in facial expression recognition in survivors of pediatric brain tumors. Psychooncology 18:893-897, 2009.

Bonner MJ, Hardy KK, Willard VW, Anthony KK, Hood M, Gururangan S. Social functioning and facial expression recognition in survivors of pediatric brain tumors. J Pediatr Psychol 33:1153-1162, 2008.

Last update: May 2021

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