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Psychology Graduate Student Placements at St. Jude

Research Placements

Graduate students from the University of Memphis and University of Mississippi (Oxford) are selected by their home institutions, interviewed then matched with a faculty supervisor based on research interests and skills. Once this match is made, the graduate student is integrated into each faculty member’s research team.

As a result, training experiences are unique to the mentor’s area of research, state of ongoing studies, student skill level and professional goals. Student research practicum activities may include any or all of the following: literature searches/reviews, medical chart abstraction, informed consent, data collection, data entry/verification, ad hoc analyses, preparation of data for presentation and/or publication, contributions toward submitted abstracts, posters and manuscripts commensurate with student skill development, interest, enthusiasm and productivity.

Clinical Placements

Advanced graduate students from the University of Memphis are selected by their faculty as potential candidates for a 20-hour per week clinical practicum placement. These candidates are interviewed by St. Jude psychologists, and the clinical practicum student is selected based upon previous clinical experiences and fit with St. Jude clinic staff. The practicum student will obtain training in both assessment and intervention with pediatric and young adult patients with cancer, sickle cell disease and/or HIV.

Patient Population

As St. Jude is primarily a specialty children’s hematology/oncology hospital, research and clinical emphasis is on children with sickle cell disease and with pediatric cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumor and CNS neoplasms, and bone marrow transplantation), pediatric cancer survivorship (five years post diagnosis, two years post treatment), and most recently young adults with long-term pediatric cancer survivorship. St. Jude also serves a pediatric parentally acquired HIV and behaviorally acquired HIV during adolescence, newborn through age 24.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Kendra Parris, PhD. Please note, we are currently only able to accept students who are enrolled at the University of Memphis or the University of Mississippi (Oxford).