Medical Students

St. Jude offers medical students from LCME-approved American medical schools a well organized and mentored experience on both required and elective rotations.

In general, St. Jude does not offer elective rotations to medical students from non-LCME approved medical schools. Under exceptional circumstances, at the request of a faculty member and with the approval of the Program Director, consideration will be given to such students. The Director of Clinical Education and Training must be contacted for such exceptional requests.

Third Year (M-3) Medical Students

Third year medical students from the University of Tennessee may elect to complete a 2-week Career Exploration rotation at St. Jude. The students can apply for an elective based on their career interests.  Electives include anesthesia, bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy, hematology/oncology, infectious diseases, neurology, palliative care and surgical oncology. Electives are approved if there is a slot and a preceptor available. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure their first choice of rotation dates.  Orientation is held in on Mondays at 8:30am in Conference Room 3 of the Marlo Thomas Global Education Center. Students will receive orientation details and a schedule prior to their first day. 

UT medical students who cannot complete a 2-week rotation have the option to complete a one or two-day shadowing experience. In order to secure a slot, students should apply at least one month in advance. 

Please contact the Clinical Education and Training Office for more information or to apply for an M3 elective. 

Fourth Year (M-4) Medical Students

Medical residents receive training at St. Jude in:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Hematology-oncology
  • Radiation oncology (Must have performed adult radiation oncology rotation to apply)

We encourage applicants from LCME accredited Medical Schools. To qualify for the M4 Rotation Elective you must have completed your 8 week rotation in Pediatrics. In order to facilitate your request and determine your eligibility for our program we require that you complete and return the application form three months prior to your requested start date.

Apply for an M4 Rotation

Complete the Background Authorization Release Form