PhD Curriculum in Biomedical Sciences

Find Cures: Become a Biomedical Scientist


Our PhD curriculum is a five-year path that moves you from student to scientist. You graduate ready to move into a rewarding career, write grants, conduct research, manage a lab and publish your findings. Bring your independence, your creativity and your passion to find cures.

Studying here gives you:

  • Diverse fields for laboratory rotations and dissertation research
  • Close mentoring by top-tier faculty
  • Clinical care experiences to inform research directions 

For full information on PhD requirements and courses, please consult our general catalog. Download the catalog as a PDF.

Curriculum Sequence


Student Profile

Caitlin Zebley, MD, PhD ’20 from St. Jude Graduate School

First Author of a Recent Nature Immunology Paper

I began as a pediatric hematology oncology fellow. I wanted to translate lab findings to clinical care and take research from the bench to the bedside.

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