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Office of Academic Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

The Academic Programs Administrative Office ensures the scientific training programs at St. Jude provide a rewarding and professionally enriching experience for each trainee. Our dedicated faculty and full-time staff are here to help you make the most of your scientific training experience at St. Jude.

Our Services

Educational and Professional Development Opportunities

We develop high-quality education and training programs to increase the knowledge and skills of our trainees in their areas of specialization. Regular seminars, guest speakers and networking opportunities help trainees plan a career path and build their professional skills. These opportunities complement focused laboratory work and ensure that all of our trainees are prepared for the next steps in their careers.

Administrative Support

We provide visa and relocation assistance, oversee trainee orientation, manage the Postdoctoral Lounge and provide a wide array of other support services for trainees, faculty and staff.


We organize regular poster sessions and forums that provide numerous opportunities for St. Jude research trainees to present their work and exchange ideas. In addition, our office works closely with the Postdoctoral Council and key institutional advisory boards to develop new and creative programs to support the needs of our trainee community.

Program Oversight

We develop, administer and evaluate all areas of scientific training at St. Jude. This includes recruiting and evaluating program applicants, developing partnerships with educational institutions and assessing our programs to ensure they continue to successfully advance the vital scientific work at St. Jude and promote the careers of our trainees.